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Will Excessive Simultaneous Activities Harm Hard Disk Drive?

All computer data are stored in the internal hard drive. Hence, you may wonder if performing many operations at the same time would be harmful to the drive. In this article, we will probe into this issue. At times, inevitably, you may need to undertake multiple tasks on your computer at the same time. For instance, you are dealing with some files - Word documents or Excel workbooks, and meanwhile, in the background, the internet browser is downloading files, the system is installing new...

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How to Customize the Flag Texts in Flagged Items in Your Outlook

When you flag an item, the default flag text is "Follow up". If you want to customize it, you can read this article. Here we will teach you to use VBA to realize it. By default, when you flag an item, the note is "Follow up". If you want to change it, you have to choose "Custom" flag option and then input your desired text in the popup dialog box. If you frequently need to assign a specific customized flag texts, you will surely dislike the above way in that it is too troublesome. Therefore,...

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5 Vital Tips of Backup Strategies in SQL Server that You Can Exploit

The article provides a detailed guide to strategies of Backup and Restoring Databases in SQL Server. Understanding the need to do the backup is as important as creating the backup in SQL Server. It is not unusual for SQL users to face issues like a damaged database, and having a proper customized backup can help in such situations. A reliable backup and restore strategy can thus ensure data efficiency and minimize the data loss. Here are a few Backup Strategies that SQL users should...

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