Will Repartitioning a Hard Drive Cause Data Loss?

To optimize the partition arrangement, users can repartition the hard drive. But in this process, many users are afraid that it will cause data loss. In this article, we will tell you the possibility of data loss when repartitioning a hard drive.

When you get a brand new hard drive, what you need to do in the first place is to create drive partitions and format them. Then, you could store and manage data on the drive partitions to your liking. It is known that users can benefit a lot from partitioning a hard drive, including better organizing data, installing and running different operating system on one PC, reducing the threats of data loss, ease to do data backup and restore and improve PC performance and so on.

Will Repartitioning a Hard Drive Cause Data Loss?

After the first time you partition a hard drive, later, in some cases, you may desire to repartition it for some reasons. Whereas, is repartitioning a hard drive entirely safe or containing potential dangers, such as data corruption like damaged PST or complete data loss? In the followings, we will look at this issue and expose you whether this process can lead to data loss.

Why to Repartition a Hard Drive?

In fact, there are a variety of reasons why users need to repartition a hard drive. For instance, the partition supporting the operating system runs out of space, so you should enlarge the system partition. Also, if you would like to launch two or more operating systems on your PC, you may need to repartition your hard drive. In a nutshell, at times, for better managing partitions or data, you inevitably need to extend, shrink partitions or create new partitions, etc.

Repartitioning Hard Drive Is Risky

We have to admit that repartitioning a hard drive is not always safe. It can lead to data loss due to some unexpected factors. Here we’ll show you 3 scenarios where data loss can occur in hard drive repartition.

  1. Accidental Deleting/Formatting: For example, when you resize a drive, you may select and delete a wrong drive partition by accident. Plus, it is also likely that you may format an incorrect drive partition by mistake.
  2. Interruptions during Repartitioning: Hard drive is considerably sensitive in this course. Therefore, if this process gets interrupted due to some reasons, such as “no enough memory” or sudden power outages, the partition can get lost. And data loss takes place.
  3. Unreliable Third Party Tool: If you utilize a third party tool to repartition a hard drive, you should watch out. Tools from unknown sources can result in unanticipated data loss.

Chances for Data Recovery after Repartition

Like recovering deleted files, data recovery after data loss during repartitioning a hard drive is also possible. It is because that the data is only removed from file system table. But it still exists on the drive magnetic domains. Therefore, you still can easily recover the lost data via a reliable and experienced data recovery tool.

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