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2 Means to Batch Resize All Tables to Fit Contents or Window in Your Outlook Email

When composing an email that contains a lot of tables in message body, if you want to batch resize all tables to fit contents or current window, you can utilize the methods shared in this article. After creating several tables in an email, so as to make the email contents aligned and orderly, you may hope to resize all the tables to fit the contents or the current message window. In this case, if there are only two or three tables, you can just use the in-built "AutoFit" table feature to...

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4 Main Problems That Can Occur to the Heads of Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Hard disk drive (HDD) is vulnerable due to its sensitive mechanical parts, such as the heads. So as to help users know more about the drive heads, this article will list out 4 primary potential issues about the heads. Hard drive is widely-used due to its large storage capacity and cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, owing to it containing moving parts, it is more vulnerable than the other kinds of storage media, like solid state drive (SSD) or memory card, etc. As we all know, when a hard...

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How to Quickly Jump to a Contact’s Birthday in Outlook Calendar

When checking a contact's birthday, sometimes you may want to quickly jump to the date in calendar to check the schedule on that date. Now, this article will tell you how to get it in quick time. To jump to a specific date in calendar, you can press "Ctrl + G" key shortcut. It will display the "Go To Date" small dialog box. In it, you can input the specific date, as shown in the following screenshot. Thus, if you want to jump to a contact's birthday, by this means, you have to firstly write...

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