Email Recovery

How to Quickly Export an Outlook Email as an Image File

Some users would like to export an Outlook email as an image file, such as a jpg file. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you how to get it via Outlook VBA code. You must have learned a variety of tricks for exporting an email as text file, Word document and so on. Then, how about exporting an email as picture like JPG file? Apparently, Outlook doesn’t have this function. But, thereinafter, we will share a quick means with you. Quickly Export an Outlook Email as an Image File ...

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What Should You Do when Verifying Data Backups?

Not only should you back up your data on a periodical basis, but also you ought to verify data backups at regular intervals. During verifying, some backup software will attempt some levels of recovery. This article will list out them in detail. As we all know, to protect our data from being lost completely, we should persist in making consistent and up-to-date data backups. For instance, if an Outlook file becomes compromised, you will be able to recover corrupt Outlook data from the most...

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2 Methods to Batch Change the Styles of All Tables in an Outlook Email

Some users would like to change the styles of all tables in an Outlook email in bulk, rather than selecting tables and changing styles one by one. Now, in this article, we will introduce 2 means to you. At times, you copied some tables to an email from other sources. If you dislike the original styles of these tables, you may want to change them. You may be used to modifying them one by one. However, it is too troublesome if there are numerous tables in this email. Thereby, here we will...

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