Email Recovery

2 Methods to Auto Remove the Stationery & Theme of Incoming Emails in Your Outlook

If you’re unwilling to see the incoming emails displaying in customized stationery or theme, you can refer to this article. Here we will introduce 2 approaches. You can choose either to your liking. Outlook permits users to apply stationery and theme to emails. In this case, users may receive multiple emails shown in various stationeries. You may think that it is too dazzling and are reluctant to viewing emails in diverse themes. Therefore, you may want to remove the stationery of...

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Will Solid State Drive (SSD) Slow Down when Out of Space?

What kind of a drive are you using on your computer? If you are using a solid state drive (SSD), have you ever noticed that the SSD will slow down when it becomes full? Now, in this article, we will discuss about this question in depth. Nowadays, in comparison to traditional hard disk drive (HDD), solid state drive (SSD) earns a lot of kudos due to its speed and it not containing moving parts. However, it doesn’t refer to that SSD can get exempt from failure. It still can fail for many...

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How to Quickly Get the Count of Outlook Contacts in Each City

If you want to count the contacts by city in your Outlook, you can refer to this article. Here we will teach you a quick and simple way, which is able to quickly export the count to an Excel file. Perhaps you have stored a great amount of contacts with detailed information in your Outlook. In this scenario, at times, you may want to count the contacts on different basses, such as counting contacts by color categories, by company or by business address. Now, here we’ll share a piece of VBA...

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