Outlook Data Recovery

2 Infallible Tips to Keep Your Outlook PST Files Healthy

This article provides practical tips on how to keep your Outlook application healthy for the fast processing of emails and continued communication in your business. In a busy working environment, it is important to keep pace with the flow of communication. This enables you to provide timely feedback to clients and other stakeholders. To achieve this, you need a fast and reliable client email software such as MS Outlook. Since it’s possible for such software to fail, how do you ensure...

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How to Fix MS Outlook Error 0x80070002

In this post, you will learn about the possible causes of MS Outlook error 0x80070002 and find some proven ways of fixing it. MS Outlook has grown to be among the popular email client software around the world. It is used by both businesses and individuals. Once in a while, the application may fail to function properly and show an error 0x80070002. What could be the cause and how do you fix this error? A Sneak Peek at MS Outlook Error 0x80070002 This type of error is associated...

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4 Common Errors in Outlook and Their Solutions

Outlook is a constituent software of the popular Microsoft office suite. It is basically an email client software but also has additional features such as calendar and reminders. This article highlights some of the common errors you are likely to encounter while using Outlook and how to solve them. Outlook, like any other office application, is not error free. Luckily, most of the common errors in this software can be resolved in just a few steps. You therefore do not need to seek the...

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