Outlook Data Recovery

2 Useful Methods to Recover Outlook Data from a Damaged Disk Image File

This article looks at two effective methods you can use to recover your Outlook data from a damaged disk image file. People use different methods to create backups for their computer files. One popular method is creating disk images. A disk image allows you to back up the state of your computer at an instance. This means that all files including the operating system can be restored to another computer. It also allows you to restore files selectively, as per your needs. Examples of...

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2 Effective Tools to Repair Damaged Outlook PST Files

Get detailed information about possible causes of Outlook file corruption in this blog post. Learn about the best software to help fix these issues. Outlook ost/pst file corruption is a common problem when working with Outlook and thus cannot be ignored. You may find it impossible to open a file and instead get error messages. Examples of error messages include, Outlook Windows cannot open, Outlook data file is damaged, Data file can't be opened, Microsoft Outlook cannot start, The file...

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How to Convert PST File from Outlook 97-2002 Format to New Format

Older versions of Microsoft Outlook save PST files in ANSI format, while newer version creates these files in Unicode format.  While ANSI files can be opened in newer versions of Microsoft Outlook many people find it more convenient to covert these files to Unicode when they upgrade their Outlook program. Depending on the version of Outlook that you are using, your PST file will come in one of two formats. If you are using a version of Outlook that is 2002 or older, the PST files...

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