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7 Solutions to “Invalid Partition Table” Error on Windows

You may be panic when attempting to boot your Windows computer but fail with “Invalid Partition Table” error message. In this article, we’ll share you 7 solutions to this issue. Partition table is the table maintained on the hard disk by the operating system recording and describing the partitions on this disk. In a nutshell, it is extremely important in accessing drive partitions. Hence, if the partition table is damaged, the system will be unable to locate the partition to boot from....

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How to Auto Open All Embedded Hyperlinks when Reading Specific Emails in Outlook

Some users desire that Outlook can automatically open the hyperlinks inserted in the email body when they open and read specific emails. Now, in this article, we will share a method which can realize it with ease. When opening and reading specific emails, such as vitally important emails from your boss, if the emails contain several hyperlinks, you will definitely open these links. In comparison with opening the embedded hyperlinks manually, making Outlook auto open them will surely be much...

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What to Do If a Hard Drive Starts Smoking?

If a hard drive starts smoking, making grinding noises and emitting a burning odor, generally, the culprit is the damaged printed control board (PCB). Now, in this case, what can you do? This article will guide you to deal with this situation correctly. As we all know, it is always suggested to take good care of a hard drive in that it’s quite vulnerable due to its sensitive and moving components. Plus, due to the fact that data is stored in the drive platters, once the hard drive fails,...

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