Outlook Data Recovery

Is It OK to Back up Multiple Computers to a Single External Hard Drive?

How many computers or laptops do you have? If you hold more than one computer for different use, you should back up all of them. At this time, you may wonder if it's OK to back them up to one external hard drive. This article will tell you the answer. Nowadays, it is believed that a great amount of users have more than one laptops and computers. Each one may be used for different fields. Yet, irrespective of the actual use of these machines, it's prudent and extremely important to back up...

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2 Quick Ways to Send a Second Email Only to the BCC Recipients of an Outlook Email

You send an email to several recipients and put some of them in "BCC" field. Later, if you would like to send a second mail to the BCC recipients only, you can utilize the means shared in this article. Have you ever sent any Outlook emails to several recipients with some in "BCC" field? At times, after sending such an email, you may want to send a second one to a specific type of recipients, such as BCC recipients. For instance, you want to send them some particular additional notes. Now, we...

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How to Auto Open Attachments of the Incoming Outlook Emails from a Specific Sender

If you wish Outlook to automatically open the attachments of incoming emails from a specific sender, you can read this article. Here we will guide you how to achieve it. For instance, your boss often emails you with several important file attachments. So as to react to your boss as soon as possible, you need to open the attachments when you receive them. In this scenario, you may long for a smarter method to let Outlook auto open the incoming email attachments from your boss. Now, we will...

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