3 Quick Ways to Remove the Overdue Appointments in Your Outlook

Perhaps you have many overdue appointments in your Outlook. In this article, we’ll share you 3 approaches to delete all the overdue appointments in quick time.

In order to keep your PST data in small size and make your calendar neater and well organized, you’ll be required to remove those useless items in your Outlook, such as overdue appointments, namely the appointments scheduled before today. Outlook doesn’t provide a direct feature to identify such appointments and delete them in one go. Therefore, here we will introduce you 3 tricks to quickly find and delete the overdue appointments.

1: Remove Overdue Appointments Manually

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook, go to “Calendar” pane and open a specific calendar folder.
  2. Then switch to “View” tab and click “View Settings”.
  3. In the popup dialog box, click “Filter” button.Set View Filter
  4. Next you should specify advanced view filters.
  • Firstly, type “Start” in Field box, select “on or before” and type “Yesterday” in “value”.
  • Next add another one – “End on or before Yesterday”.Add View Filters
  1. Subsequently, click a series of “OK” until back to calendar.
  2. After that, you will see that only the overdue appointments are left in the list.
  3. Finally select all and press “Delete” button.

2: Remove Overdue Appointments via Archive

  1. In the first place, turn to “File” menu.
  2. Then click “Cleanup Tools” button, and select “Archive” from the drop down list.Archive Feature
  3. Eventually in the newly popup dialog box, take the following steps:
  • Firstly, select “Calendar”.
  • Then type “Today” in “Archive items older than:”
  • Next you can optionally specify the Archive PST file by “Browse” button.
  • Lastly click “OK” button to start archiving.Remove the Overdue Appointments via Archive

3: Remove Overdue Appointments via Outlook VBA

  1. To begin with, press “Alt + F11” key buttons to access Outlook VBA editor.
  2. Then in the subsequent window, you should open a new module.
  3. Later you can copy and paste the following VBA codes into the module.
Sub DeleteAllOverDueAppointments()
    Dim objAppointments As Outlook.Items
    Dim objVariant As Variant
    Set objAppointments = Outlook.Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar).Items
    For i = objAppointments.Count To 1 Step -1
        Set objVariant = objAppointments.Item(i)
        'Specify the overdue appointments
        If (objVariant.Start < Date) And (objVariant.End < Date) Then
        End If
End Sub

VBA Codes - Remove All Overdue Appointments

  1. After that, you can click “Run” icon in the toolbar to start the macro.
  2. At once, all the overdue appointments will be removed from your calendar.

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