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8 Key Limitations of Stretch Databases that You Must Always Keep in Mind

In this article, we look at stretch enabled tables that one should be aware of including key constraints Stretch Database is a SQL Server feature which allows users to migrate cold data securely and transparently to Azure cloud. Users can even pause these migrations during connection errors, which help in easier transfer of data. Stretch Database directly targets transactional databases containing a large amount of cold data, which is usually stored in multiple tables in a database....

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4 Questions that a DBA Must Ask Himself before Considering a Stretch Database

In this article, we explain the relevance of Stretch database and discuss 4 questions that a DBA must ask himself before considering a stretch database. Stretch Database is used for migrating cold data securely and transparently to Microsoft Azure cloud. It basically targets transactional databases by storing large amount of cold data in a bunch of tables. Here are a few questions that you should ask before using a stretch Database. Do you want to access Availability of...

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4 Key Benefits of Buffer Pool Extension that Every SQL Server Administrator Must Know

This article addresses the 4 Key Benefits of Buffer Pool Extension that Every SQL Server Administrator Must Know. Buffer Pool Extension was introduced in 2014 SQL Server with the aim of providing seamless integration of random access memory to the extension of buffer pool database engine which helps in significantly improving the I/O throughput. Note that buffer pool extension is not made available in all SQL Server editions. SQL Server Buffer Pool aka SQL Server Buffer Cache can be...

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