A Quick Insight into Physical Shock Damage on Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

As we all know, hard disk drive (HDD) can be corrupted for miscellaneous reasons, such as virus infect, shock damage or electricity failures, etc. This post will lead you to learn more about physical shock damage on HDD.

Hard disk drive is vulnerable due to its mechanical and moving components. So, in order to avoid data loss on hard drive, you should protect your drive against all possible risks to your utmost. One of the most common physical damage is shock damage. Therefore, in the followings, we will lead you to delve into such damage.

A Quick Insight into Physical Shock Damage on Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Physical Shock Damage

So-called shock damage here is a type of damage caused by physical force in hard drive, not including electrical shock resulting from power surges. For instance, a hard drive is placed nearby the edge of desk. Then, your arm accidentally hit the drive. Subsequently, the drive is dropped to the ground from the desk. Such case is a typical scenario of shock damage on HDD.

Such damage can knock the drive into pieces and make all of its components out of alignment. For example, the disk heads, arm or other parts can touch and dent the disk platters. The bad sectors are generally caused in this way. With increasing bad sectors, the entire hard disk will fail.

Avoid Shock Damage

In reality, apart from accidental human mistakes in the above instance, there are many other factors that can result in shock damage on hard drive, like inevitable natural disasters – hurricane or tornado or lightning storm, etc. Thus, it is exactly difficult to prevent shock damage. You have to take care of your hard drive all the time. Also, when not using it, you need to position it in a safe room and location.

Data Recovery on Shock-Damaged HDD

On hard drive, shock damage is much more serious and terrible than the logical problems – deleted files, viruses or file system issues. It is truly a kind of physical damage. Therefore, in the event of shock damage, you require physical repair of the hard drive and physical data recovery.

As we all know, usually, when a PST file gets corrupt, you can just utilize powerful PST repair software to recover Outlook data, which is logical data recovery. In comparison, physical data recovery normally takes longer time and costs more in that such recovery demands opening the drive. Disassembling a hard drive is not as easy as what you think. It requires a clean room environment, specialized tools as we all as sufficient professional data recovery experiences, etc. Hence, if you come across shock damage on HDD, you need to contact relevant experts for help and should never attempt DIY repair. Otherwise, your disk can be subject to further damage and be unrepairable thoroughly.

Author Introduction:

Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql repair and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

2 responses to “A Quick Insight into Physical Shock Damage on Hard Disk Drive (HDD)”

  1. Please my laptop fell badly from a table after someone tripped over the charger. When I turned it on, the hard disk wasn’t showing on the boot up menu. After I opened it, removed and placed back the drive, the situation was still same.

    My computer engineer said it had a shock. Please what do I do now, the files inside are important to me.


  2. A hard drive I have has accumulated 3 high shock events sitting still on a table. Never knocked on its side, let alone off the table. I was using SMART monitoring software when one of those events occurred.

    Therefore, can’t help but suspect the mechanism to determine shock can be faulty. All other drive parameters have zero faults.

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