7 Reasons & Solutions for “Disk Boot Failure” Error on Windows

Many Windows users may have encountered the “Disk Boot Failure” error message when they start their computer. Also, many have complained that they suffer severe data loss due to this issue. So this article will delve into it.

When computer is booted, the BIOS will try to find a bootable hard dive. However, if BIOS cannot find such a drive to boot from, you will surely see the “disk boot failure” error message in the screen. Also, the boot process will be terminated. In this case, of course, you will no longer get access to your computer data too. Thus, if you would like to rectify this issue, you need to figure out the actual reasons in the first place. Here we will focus on this error to expose the 7 main causes and offers corresponding solutions.

7 Reasons and Solutions for Disk Boot Failure Error on Windows

1. Incorrect BIOS Boot Sequence

BIOS is a program which works to find a bootable hard drive based on its boot device order when a computer is started. Therefore, if the BIOS boot sequence is incorrect, of course it will not be able to find the bootable drive.

Solution: In this case, you can change the BIOS boot order. When restarting your PC, open the BIOS, and then turn to the Boot tab. next change the order to ensure the internal hard drive is the first boot option. Finally save the settings and start your PC again.

2. Boot Sector Viruses

As usual, most viruses can only damage the files on the hard drive. But in reality, there are some viruses which can cause damage on the boot sector of the drive. If the boot sector gets infected, the hard drive will of course fail to boot.

Solution: This situation is quite knotty. You have to leave no stone unturned to remove the viruses from the hard drive, which will also cause many issues on the BIOS settings and Windows systems. It is quite complicated. Thus, you had better make precautions on a daily basis, such as installing a reliable antivirus program and upgrading it regularly.

3. Damaged Hard Disk or Partition

Provided that the hard disk or partition is damaged, “disk boot failure” error will occur as well. As we all know, once a hard drive gets corrupted, all data on it will surely get compromised, no matter corrupt word document or corrupted PST file. Thus, windows will certainly be unable to boot from the drive.

Solution: Under this circumstance, you had better replace the drive and reinstall your Windows operating system right now.

4. Improper New Hard Drive Configuration

Maybe you’ve just installed a new hard drive into your computer. But when you try to boot Windows, the “disk boot failure” still displays. In this case, it is likely that the new hard drive is configured improperly.

Solution: When you just installed a new hard drive, you have to insert the system installation CD and restart your computer so that it will reboot with the CD. After it boots successfully, you can set up the hard drive.

5. Hard drive Not Properly Plugged in

Apart from misconfiguration, if your hard drive is not properly plugged in, it will not be able to get connected to your computer successfully, which will also cause the “disk boot failure” error.

Solution: In this case, you can power off your PC and then check the connection of the hard drive and motherboard. After confirming that all are correct, you can try to run your Windows again.

6. Software Conflicts with System Settings

Furthermore, sometimes, after you install any third party software and restart PC next time, you may receive such an error as well. In such a case, there are great chances that the software is conflicted with your system.

Solution: In such situations, the only way is to use a system recovery disk or just reinstall your operating system. However, in this process, you may come across data loss.

7. Windows System Failure

Moreover, “disk boot failure” can also be caused due to Windows system failures, such as corruption of system files and so on.

Solution: Similar to the above case, you are required to reinstall your computer Windows operating system.

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