7 Most Common Signs of SD Card Corruption

Do you have SD card? It is normally and widely used in cameras and smartphones to gain the storage capacity. If you’ve stored a lot of data, like photos and videos, in a SD card, you should watch out for the 7 matters in this post, which are telling you that the SD card may be corrupted.

SD card is commonly used for storing the valuable photos which record precious memories. Therefore, all users, including you must be unwilling to accept SD card corruption. To prevent it, you ought to first learn how to identify its signs in time. Now, in the followings, we will expose 7of them to you.

7 Most Common Signs of SD Card Corruption

1. Some Files Are Missing

The most obvious sign which may indicate SD card corruption is that most of the files in the card disappear unanticipatedly one day. For instance, on a camera, you find some photos you captured yesterday are missing. In this situation, you need to suspect that maybe the card is suffering from file system errors.

2. Black Screen in Camera

Moreover, in some worse cases, if a SD card is damaged seriously and extremely, it can directly result in the device malfunction, such as black screen in camera. So, one day, your camera suddenly crash and get into black screen, the culprit may be the damaged SD card.

3. Miscellaneous Error Messages

In addition, provided that a SD card is corrupt, you will definitely receive various error messages, such as “access is denied” when you access it, CRC errors while you copy files to or from it and so on. For more common errors, you can refer to the article – “7 Most Common SD Card Errors“.

4. SD Card Cannot Be Recognized

What’s more, that SD card cannot be recognized by devices is also a common sign. For instance, you insert a SD card into a fine card reader and then connect reader to a computer, but the computer is unable to recognize it. In this scenario, there is a chance that the card is compromised.

5. Read/write Failure

If you attempted to save new files to the SD card but failed, namely write failures, users may think the only cause must be write-protection. Nevertheless, in fact, it is also possible that the card is corrupt. Plus, if you cannot read a SD card, it may suggest SD card corruption, too.

6. Unknown Files Appear in Card

Furthermore, aside from files disappearing strangely, unknown files appearing in SD card is also a suspicious matter. It is because that SD card is prone to be virus infected. Thus, the unknown files may be malware. If you keep it instead of killing it at once, the SD card may be damaged one day.

7. SD Card Shows Empty Incorrectly

Last but not least, assuming that your SD card shows empty or all folders in this card become empty or it show 0 byte incorrectly, it can be almost confirmed that the card is subject to some viruses or comes across some file system problems or even has been corrupted.

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to lose your SD card data, you should endeavor to prevent it from corruption, similar to block Outlook corruption on PCs. The most key precaution is to monitor all kinds of strange symptoms occurring to the card.

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