7 Most Common SD Card Errors

At times, you may encounter some error messages and strange phenomenon when accessing a SD card. Now, this article will expose 7 top SD card errors.

Many users have complained that their SD cards become inaccessible with many obvious errors no matter on smartphones, digital cameras or computers. Undoubtedly, the case is quite frustrating in that the SD card must contain multiple valuable and frequently-used data. Here are 7 common SD card errors. If you’re subject to any of them, you have to attempt SD card data recovery similar to Outlook recovery on computers.

7 Most Common SD Card Errors

1. “Card not formatted.” Error on Digital Camera

Maybe you’re using a SD card on your digital camera for storing photos. One day when you launch the camera and access the photos, but you receive the error – “Card not formatted. Format card with this camera”

2. “You need to format the disk before you can use it.” Error on Windows

When you connect a SD card to a Windows computer and try to access it, if the SD card is RAW, you’ll get the error – “You need to format the disk before you can use it.” In this case, you may see a “Format disk” option. Yet, you should never hit it in that formatting the card will erase all the card data, making data recovery far more difficult.

3. “[Drive]:\ is not accessible.” Error on Windows

Aside from the above error, there is another error that you will encounter when accessing a faulty SD card o Windows. It is “[Drive]:\ is not accessible.” “[Drive]” refers to the drive letter of the SD card on Windows computer.

4. “CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.” Error

In face of an inaccessible SD card, you may want to repair it. Windows provides us with an inbuilt tool – CHKDSK. You can run it on the SD card. In this situation, you might suffer this error – “CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.” It refers to that the SD card is RAW.

5. Show 0 Byte

Moreover, under this circumstance, you can check the properties of the faulty SD card. If you see that the SD card shows 0 byte no matter in free space, used space and total storage capacity, it is very likely that the SD card is malfunctioning.

6. “RAW” Status in Disk Management

Besides, after you connect your SD card to you Windows computer, you open the Disk Management to check the file system of the card. If you see “Unknown” or “RAW” characters, you can confirm that the SD card is RAW, which is a bit knotty.

7. “Blank SD card” Error on Android Phone

As we all know, SD card is also frequently used on smartphones for additional data storage space. Sometimes, you will get the error – “Blank SD card. SD card is blank or has unsupported filesystem” on the android phone.

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