7 Best Oracle to MSSQL Converters (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

In our data-driven world, organizations employ various databases to support different aspects of their operations and business intelligence efforts. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) are two leading relational database management systems, each with its unique features and benefits. However, business needs and technical considerations often necessitate migrating data from one platform to another. This is where Oracle to MSSQL converters come into play.Oracle to MSSQL

1.1 Importance of Oracle to MSSQL Converter

Opting for an Oracle to MSSQL converter is an integral step when making a transition from an Oracle Database to a Microsoft SQL Server. Such converters allow organizations to smoothly transfer their data and database objects while maintaining data integrity and security. These toolsets can systematically map Oracle datatypes to their MSSQL counterparts, convert stored procedures, functions, triggers, and repackaging other database elements. Thus, ensuring seamless Oracle to MSSQL migrations are both efficient and error-free, minimizing potential downtime and data loss.

1.2 MS SQL Repair Tool

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1.3 Objectives of this Comparison

This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of various Oracle to MSSQL converters. Our goal is to assist professionals in choosing an appropriate tool that will satisfy their business and technical requirements. By analyzing the pros and cons of each converter, we strive to give a balanced view to guide your decision-making process effectively. Whether you are a database administrator, developer, or a decision-maker, this comparison will help you understand the capabilities, advantages, and limitations of each tool.

2. SQLines Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) Migration

SQLines is a comprehensive tool that facilitates the transfer of data, DDL commands, and other database objects from Oracle to MS SQL Server. The software tackles the syntax and data type differences between the two platforms, ensuring an efficient and accurate migration process.SQLines Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) Migration

2.1 Pros

    • Compatibility: SQLines supports all major versions of Oracle and SQL Server, allowing you to use the tool irrespective of which versions you’re migrating between.
    • Data Validation: Included within the package is a data validation tool. This verifies the accuracy of the migration by comparing source and target data, ensuring that each data element has been correctly transferred.
    • Command Line Interface: SQLines provides a command-line interface that can be integrated with scripts for automation, making it a versatile tool for large or complex migrations.

2.2 Cons

        • GUI Absence: SQLines does not have a graphical user interface (GUI) which can make it less user-friendly for those not comfortable with command-line tools.
        • Documentation: While ample resources are available, some users may find the documentation lacking in depth or clarity, making the tool difficult to navigate or understand.
        • Limited Support: SQLines offers only community-based support. Users seeking dedicated support might find it insufficient, particularly in critical migration scenarios.

3. Intelligent Converters Oracle to MS SQL

Intelligent Converters’ Oracle to MS SQL solution is a robust tool designed for seamless data migration between Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. It facilitates direct connections to source and target databases, simplifying and speeding up the conversion process.Intelligent Converters Oracle to MS SQL

3.1 Pros

        • Direct Conversion: The software executes direct reading and writing from the source Oracle database to the destination SQL Server, eliminating the need for any middleware or additional libraries. This streamlines the conversion and reduces the risk of data manipulation errors.
        • Granular Control: Users have granular control over the conversion process, can convert individual tables, and even specify SQL queries for data filtering.
        • Index and Constraints Conversion: Along with data, the tool also converts indexes, foreign keys, and constraints, ensuring data structure similarity in the new environment.

3.2 Cons

        • Limited Free Version: While a free demo version is available, it only converts 50 records per table, limiting its usefulness for large-scale migrations.
        • No Command Line Support: The product does not support command-line operations, which may be a downside for administrators who prefer automating and scheduling operations.
        • No Stored Procedures Conversion: The application does not support the conversion of stored procedures, packages, or triggers, which may be a significant hurdle for comprehensive database migrations.

4. SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) (OracleToSQL)

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) is Microsoft’s proprietary tool for the efficient migration of Oracle databases to SQL Server. It automates most aspects of the migration process, including schema conversion, data migration, and script generation, thereby reducing the resources and time required for the migration.SQL Server Migration Assistant

4.1 Pros

        • Free To Use: As a Microsoft product, SSMA is freely available to all users, making it highly cost-effective for businesses undertaking migrations.
        • Potential Issue Highlight: SSMA provides a comprehensive assessment report that details potential issues, the level of complexity, and suggestions for the migration, assisting in strategic planning.
        • Automated Migration: Rather than manually correcting conversion errors, SSMA can automatically apply recommended conversion rules to most elements of the database, dramatically speeding up the transition.

4.2 Cons

        • Limited Compatibility: SSMA does not support all Oracle features and data types. This could necessitate manual workarounds, adding complexity and potential error-points to the migration.
        • Performance issues: SSMA may run slowly with larger databases, potentially stretching the time needed for migration.
        • Complex User Interface: New users might find the SSMA interface and workflow cumbersome and complicated to navigate.

5. Spectral Core Limited FullConvert Oracle to SQL Server

Spectral Core’s FullConvert is a high-speed, intuitive tool for Oracle to SQL Server database conversion. This robust utility supports a wide array of databases and features automatic datatype mapping, comprehensive command-line support, and comparably fast data transfers.Spectral Core Limited FullConvert Oracle to SQL Server

5.1 Pros

        • Speed: FullConvert is highly optimized for large dataset conversion, which makes transfer extremely fast, even over slower network connections.
        • Wide Database Support: Along with Oracle and SQL Server, FullConvert also supports a majority of notable databases, providing unmatched flexibility in database migration.
        • Simultaneous Database Transfer: The tool allows simultaneous conversions, which can save considerable time when migrating multiple databases.

5.2 Cons

        • High Cost: FullConvert comes at a relatively high cost compared to other converters, which might be prohibitive for smaller organizations or single-use scenarios.
        • Complexity: While this tool is powerful, its wide array of features and options may make it overwhelming and complex for novice users.
        • Limited Support: Despite a well-documented online guide, the support channels for this product are limited or unresponsive, which can be an issue during migration crises.

6. SQLMaestro MS SQL Database Converter

SQLMaestro MS SQL Database Converter is an efficient and reliable solution for converting various databases into SQL Server format. Besides Oracle, this converter also supports other databases, making it suitable for diverse organizational needs.SQLMaestro MS SQL Database Converter

6.1 Pros

        • Multidirectional Conversion: SQLMaestro’s solution supports database conversion in both directions, i.e., from Oracle to SQL and vice versa, which makes it a versatile tool.
        • Intuitive Interface: With a visually attractive and easy-to-navigate UI, this converter is especially user-friendly, making it ideal for users without advanced technical knowledge.
        • All-inclusive Conversion: SQLMaestro not only converts tables and data but also indexes, constraints, and views, thereby providing a comprehensive migration solution.

6.2 Cons

        • Fee-based: Unlike Microsoft’s free offering, this tool comes with a licensing fee, which might be a deterrent for small-scale or one-time migrations.
        • Limited Automation Support: The lack of comprehensive command-line support might limit its usefulness in automated and scheduled migration scenarios.
        • Support Issues: Some users have reported issues with the effectiveness and responsiveness of their customer support, which could lead to delays during critical operations.

7. RazorSQL Convert Oracle Database Tables to MS SQL Server

RazorSQL offers a comprehensive Oracle to MS SQL Server conversion feature. Besides database conversion, it also works as a universal database query tool, SQL editor, and database navigator, offering a range of functionalities within one integrated environment.RazorSQL Convert Oracle Database Tables to MS SQL Server

7.1 Pros

        • Integrated Environment: Alongside database conversion, RazorSQL includes functionalities for browsing, querying, editing, and managing databases, making it a multi-featured tool for database administration.
        • Broad Compatibility: RazorSQL supports a wide assortment of database systems, including all notable editions of both Oracle and SQL Server.
        • Export Capabilities: Along with database transformations, RazorSQL allows you to directly export Oracle tables in the format compatible with SQL Server.

7.2 Cons

        • Steep Learning Curve: Because of its wide range of features, new users might find RazorSQL a bit overwhelming at first, leading to a steep learning curve.
        • Costly: RazorSQL’s advanced capabilities come at a price, making it more expensive than some of its counterparts.
        • Limited Support: Users have reported some concerns with the customer service responsiveness and efficiency, which could affect conflict resolution during critical migration scenarios.

8. SQLizer

SQLizer is a web-based platform designed to convert files into SQL databases quickly and securely. This easy-to-use, browser-based tool supports a variety of file formats in addition to supporting database migrations between most major formats, including Oracle to SQL Server.SQLizer

8.1 Pros

        • Web-Based: Its platform-agnostic, web-based nature allows users to convert files or databases without installing any software.
        • User-Friendly: SQLizer provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy even for novice users to convert files and databases.
        • Data Security: SQLizer takes data security seriously, encrypting files during transfer, and deleting all data from their servers after conversion.

8.2 Cons

        • Limited Free Use: The free version of SQLizer has tight limitations concerning the size of files it can convert.
        • No Command Line Support: Users looking for automation via scripting may be disappointed as SQLizer does not offer command-line support.
        • Performance Issues: Given its web-based nature, the speed and performance of the conversion process may be impacted by network connectivity and server demands.

9. Summary

9.1 Overall Comparison Table

Tool Features Ease of Use Price Customer Support
SQLines Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) Migration Supports major versions, data validation, command-line interface Medium (No GUI) Free (Community-based support) Community-based
Intelligent Converters Oracle to MS SQL Direct conversion, granular control, converts indexes and constraints High Commercial Effective
SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) (OracleToSQL) Free, provides assessment report, automatic conversion Medium (Interface might be complex for beginners) Free Microsoft Support
Spectral Core Limited FullConvert Oracle to SQL Server Fast conversion, wide database support, simultaneous conversions Medium (Complex for novices) Commercial Limited
SQLMaestro MS SQL Database Converter Multidirectional conversion, comprehensive conversion, easy interface High Commercial Responsive
RazorSQL Convert Oracle Database Tables to MS SQL Server Integrated environment, broad compatibility, export capability Medium (Steep learning curve) Commercial Good
SQLizer Web-based, user-friendly, data security High Limited Free Use Good

9.2 Recommended Tool Based on Various Needs

In terms of versatility, SQLMaestro comes with broad database support, making it perfect for diverse organizational needs. For businesses looking for an affordable yet efficient migration solution, SSMA being a free and powerful tool, is the way to go. For smaller organizations with limited technical exposure, Intelligent Converters and SQLizer, given their user-friendly interfaces and effective conversion capabilities, are suitable. Large enterprises with substantial data size might favor FullConvert due to its high-speed data transfer.

10. Conclusion

10.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing an Oracle to MSSQL Converter

Choosing the right Oracle to MSSQL converter depends on several factors – including data size, migration complexity, specific feature requirements, budget constraints, and technical proficiency of the user base. Each tool we examined brings its unique specialties, strengths, and weaknesses to the table.

The comprehensive comparison provided here should stand as a helpful guide for any organization undertaking or considering a database migration from Oracle to SQL Server. However, it’s essential to remember that the most effective migration solution will always depend on your unique set of requirements.

Always look for a tool that caters to your specific needs, and don’t forget to consider long-term uses, support quality, future platform enhancements, or changes. If possible, look for trial versions or demonstrations before committing fully to a particular solution. Adopting an ideal Oracle to MSSQL converter can make the task of database migration much less daunting and significantly more efficient.Oracle to MSSQL Converter

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