5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Choose MS Access

Learn Why Small business should also make use of MS Access if they really want to grow.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Choose MS AccessOrganization of work and resources never harms anyone.  A lot of the times small businesses focus on the larger areas, and ignore the basic areas than need attention. Irrespective of the size of your business, your data is something you always need to keep secure. One of the most reliable and cost effective application that you can make use of for storing your user data is MS Access databases. If you believe that is it suitable for large enterprises only, then you could not be more wrong. Given below are 5 reasons why every small business should make use of Access databases.

Cost Effective

You can make use of Excel only till some time. When the amount of data crosses a given stage, you need to switch to Access. And if you are using a professional or higher edition of MS Office, then you would have to pay nothing more for using Access. It would be there in your system by default. If you do not make use of this now, you would later spend more on outsourced development, and data management.


MS Access For Small BusinessesMS Access databases might look complicated, but they can easily be used by someone without any knowledge of programming. All you need to operate Access is some training and knowledge of the application itself. Another great advantage with Access is that it can grow as your business grows. You can opt for expanding your Access databases as and when your business begins to expand.


MS Access is ideal for small business as it is the milder version of the typical client/server architecture based database system SQL Server.  But if need be, Access databases can easily be migrated to SQL Server. The in-built tools in MS Access are not very good when it comes to scalability. But if you migrate to SQL Server, these troubles would not bother you anymore.


Access is an application that has been running and will continue to operate for years to come.  There are businesses that started using Access as and when it was launched, and are still using it. Much like your business, this application too has a great life cycle, and with the time it gets updated as well. Much like your business, that would also keep pace with the changing trends.


One of the main reasons why you should use MS Access is because of the ease of the collaboration it provides with other Microsoft applications. Be it Outlook or Excel, or even SQL Server, Access can be linked seamlessly with all of these. If you are using an advanced edition of the application, then it gets easier as there is no programming involved, if you want to use the basic functions.

Creating your own databases is always better than getting it outsourced. This not only ensures the safety of your data, but also allows you to make multiple customizations on your Access database.

Small businesses using MS Access in their line of business operations are incredibly vulnerable to incidents of data corruption. As opposed to large companies, they seldom have standardized backup and recovery protocols in place. Hence they should always keep a mdb fix tool nearby to deal with such issues.

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