4 Quick Methods to Get the Color of Text in Your Word Document

In this post, we are glad to share with you 4 quick methods to get the color of text in your Word document.

There are times when you will inherit a Word document with colored texts. Some people prefer to mark texts with different colors.Texts with Colors

So to keep the integrity of a document formatting, it’s necessary to know the text color. For this reason, we come up with 4 very useful solutions for you to cope with the issue.

Method 1: Use “Format Painter”

  1. First off, select the colored texts.
  2. Then click “Format Painter” in “Clipboard” group under “Home” tab.
  3. Lastly, select the target texts.Select Colored Texts->Click "Format Painter"

Method 2: Open “Font” Dialog Box

  1. First and foremost, select colored texts.
  2. Then press “Ctrl+ D” to open the “Font” dialog box.
  3. Next click the upside-down triangle button behind the “Font color” box. If the color is one of the theme colors or standard colors, there shall be a red frame marking the color out, such as below:Click the Button behind the "Font color" Box->Click "More Colors" if Necessary
  4. However, if it’s a custom color, you will need to click “More Colors”.
  5. Then in the “Colors” dialog box, you can get the RGB values of the color. And to apply other texts with this color, you just follow the above steps to get to the “Color” dialog box and enter the RGB values.Get the RGB Value

Method 3: Press “Shift+ F1” to Review Text Formatting

This is a quite fast way to get the font color. First press “Shift+ F1” to open a pane on the right side of screen, as shown in below:Press "Shift+ F1"

Then put cursor inside texts and on the pane, you can see all kinds of text formatting information, including the font color.

Method 4: Show “Styles” Window

  1. At first, click on the extend button to in “Styles” group under “Home” tab to show the “Styles” window.Click "Styles"
  2. Then click “Options” on the down-right corner of the window.Click "Options"
  3. Now in “Style Pane Options” dialog box, choose to show “In use” styles.
  4. Then click “OK”.Select "In use"->Click "OK"
  5. Next put cursor inside a range of a text and see the marked out style. Then move cursor over the style, you will see more detailed style information in the screen tip.Move Cursor over the Style

Comparison of 4 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Method 1: Use “Format Painter” The quickest way to apply texts with same font color 1.        You can’t know the font color.

2.        The “Format Painter” may also bring other formatting styles as well.

Method 2: Open “Font” Dialog Box You can know the font color and also its RGB values. 1.        Comparatively more steps

2.        Have to start all over to apply texts with the same color

Method 3: Press “Shift+ F1” to Review Text Formatting 1.        The quickest way to get the font color

2.        You can get the most detailed text formatting information.

Have to start all over to apply texts with the same color
Method 4: Show “Styles” Window You can know the font color and also its RGB values. You may have to set to show styles “In use” first so all styles in this document can be displayed on the style pane.

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