12 Most Common Causes of iPhone Data Loss

No one is willing to encounter iPhone data loss. It will be quite painful if there is a great deal of valuable and private data in the iPhone. This article will unveil the top 12 causes of iPhone data loss.

Sometimes, you may find your iPhone data inaccessible for some reasons, such as you drop iPhone into water by accident, or it suffers logical issues like iOS system crash, etc. In a nutshell, there are myriad causes that can render iPhone data loss.

iPhone Data

When it comes to preventing data loss, data backups will certainly come into our mind. For instance, if you wish to prevent PST data loss from Outlook corruption, you can back up your PST files in advance. The same holds true for iPhone data. Apart from backups, if you would like to make some more precautions, you’ll be required to figure out the primary causes. So, here we’ve found and listed out the 12 most common ones. Read on to get them in detail.

1. Physical Damage on iPhone

Like other data storage devices, your iPhone can get damaged physically as well. For instance, if you accidentally drop your iPhone into water or down the stairs or from a pretty high location, it is sure that the iPhone will get corrupted. In this case, of course the iPhone data will be likely to get lost likewise.

2. Accidental Human Mistakes

In addition, you can destroy your data by yourself. It refers to your own mistakes, such as deleting data accidentally, formatting your iPhone mistakenly or putting your iPhone is a high-traffic location or other kinds of improper handling of your iPhone.

3. iPhone Gets Lost or Stolen

Aside from your personal faults, you can suffer the others’ malicious behaviors. The most common one is that your iPhone gets stolen. Or perhaps owing to your carelessness, you left your iPhone somewhere and forget it. Without any doubts, in such cases, it will be rather difficult for you to find back it.

4. iOS System Crash

Although iOS, iPhone system, earns a lot of kudos in that it is far more stable than other systems, it doesn’t mean that it is entirely immune from crash. All iOS crash, like contact app or camera library crashes, can put your iPhone into blank screen. Therefore, it is advisable that you should never rest easy.

5. iOS System Upgrade Failures

Your iPhone is considerably vulnerable during the iOS system upgrading. If this course gets interrupted from some reasons, like sudden power failures, not only will your iPhone be unable to get upgraded, your iPhone data will get corrupt or lost or even erased. Thus you had better back up your data before upgrading.

6. Failures in iPhone Jailbreak

To be honest, jailbreaking an iPhone is pretty risky. The reality proves that this operation often gets stuck in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. You should know that as long as anything wrong occurs in this procedure, your iPhone will definitely get unusable anymore. You will no longer access your iPhone data.

7. Virus & Malware Attacks

Like computer, your iPhone can get infected by viruses or assaulted by malware. For example, if you install any unsecure applications or download any files from unknown sources on iPhone, you will push your iPhone data into danger It can make your data unreadable and even lost.

8. Software Malfunctions

You must have installed a certain amount of applications on your iPhone. When you use them, there will be a great deal of data created and stored in your iPhone, such as the software settings, or your bookmarks in the browser. If the software malfunctions, it may get back to its original mode and your data will be gone.

9. Forget iPhone Password for Lock Screen

To protect your sensitive and private information on iPhone, you will be used to creating a password to lock the screen. In this scenario, assuming that you forget the password, you will be unable to log into your iPhone. Of course you will get no access to your iPhone data.

10. Factory Reset

Factory reset is a feature which can turn all the current configurations back to its default state. That is to say, the factory reset can wipe all your iPhone content in one go. Therefore, if you initiate this feature on your iPhone and you don’t have any data backups, your iPhone data will be lost permanently.

11. Replace iPhone Battery

IPhone is using flash memory, which is retained without power. Replacing iPhone battery is entirely equal to factory reset, which will erase all your iPhone files. So it is unadvisable to replace iPhone battery when not needed urgently. Also, you’d better maintain your battery properly.

12. Natural Disasters

Mother Nature is totally an unknown. No one can accurately predicate it. Floods, fires or other natural phenomena can destroy your iPhone readily and make your iPhone data unavailable any longer.

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