3 Methods to Put Texts to the Margin of Your Word Document

In this piece of writing, we will present you 3 different methods to create margin texts in your Word document.

Once in a while, we can see on brochures that texts are displayed on page margins. Therefore, in case you too, want to add some texts which are useful but not quite relevant to document content, we here will offer you 3 varying methods for you to complete the task in Word.

Method 1: Set Negative Indent

  1. First and foremost, select the text which you want to put in margin.
  2. Then click “Home” tab.
  3. Next, click the extend button in “Paragraph” group.      Select Text -> Click "Home" -> Click Extend Button in "Paragraph" Group
  4. Now you will open the “Paragraph” dialog box. Look at the “Indentation” part. For example, if you want to employ left indent, you can choose an indentation value from the spin control behind “Left”.
  5. At last, click “OK” to save the change.Choose a Negative Indentation Value -> Click "OK"

Now you can see the text moves to the left margin.Effect of Setting Negative Indent

Method 2: Insert a Text Box

  1. Since you cannot directly insert a text box into the margins, you should insert it into the document editing area first. Click “Insert” tab.
  2. Then click “Text Box” in “Text” group.
  3. Next you can either choose a built-in text box style or choose “Draw Text Box” option to draw one by yourself.Click "Insert" -> Click "Text Box" -> Choose a Text Box Style
  4. Now enter text into text box.
  5. Next drag the text box to a margin.
  6. Certainly, you can click the text box to rotate. And you can also set the text font, text direction, etc.Drag Text Box to Margin
  7. The last step is to remove the text box lines if necessary. Right click on text box.
  8. Then choose “Format Shape”.
  9. In “Format Shape” dialog box, click “Line Color” first.
  10. Then choose “No line”.
  11. Finally, click “Close”.Click "Line Color" -> Click "No line" -> Click "Close"

Method 3: Anchor Text Box to “Header” or “Footer”

By applying method 2, your text only shows in the margin of one page. How about making it appearing on each page repeatedly? That’s the reason why you must read method 3.

  1. At the beginning, double click “Header” or “Footer” area to enter editing mode.
  2. Then either in “Header” or “Footer” area, you should make use of method 2 to insert a text box, enter a text.
  3. Now drag the text box to a margin where you want it to stay.
  4. Next double click the empty area to exit “Header” or “Footer”.Anchor Text Box to "Header" or "Footer"

Eventually, you can see in the below picture that the same text shows on the same place on every page of the document.Text Appearing on Every Page

Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Set Negative Indent 1.         It’s the quickest way.

2.         You can directly modify the margin text whenever you need.

When you make change on other document content, the margin text may get affected.
Insert a Text Box 1.         The margin text is free from the effect of document modification.

2.         Click the text box and you can edit the text again.

1.         You cannot insert a text box in margins directly.

2.         You may have to remove text box lines if necessary.

3.         The margin text will not appear on every page of the document.

Anchor Text Box to “Header” or “Footer” 1.         The same text will show on the same place on every page of document.

2.         The margin text is free from the effect of document modification.


1.         You have to enter “Header” or “Footer” before editing margin text again.

2.         You have to insert a text box in “Header” or “Footer” first and you may need to remove text box lines.

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  2. Nice, but too bad each text box can’t have its own data. I was really thrilled until I read further and realized it wouldn’t work for me. I think version 21 or so allows text boxes to be anchored on a page.

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