2 Workarounds to Disable the No Subject Warning in Your Outlook

If you want to send an email without subject, you will definitely receive an Outlook alert. It’s exactly annoying. In response to this issue, this article will introduce you 2 methods to disable the no subject warning.

You must have encountered No subject warning in Outlook. It usually pops up if you intend to send an email without subject. To be honest, this warning is indeed helpful and useful in that some users often forget to enter the email subject. But for those who exactly would like to send emails with no subject, this warning will be certainly vexing. Do you want to disable the no subject warning? Here are 2 handy approaches. You can choose either as per your actual needs.No Subject Warning

Workaround 1: Customize a Message Form with No Subject

  1. At first, launch Outlook and create a new email by “New Email” button.
  2. Then in the message subject line, press the spacebar to input a space.
  3. Next switch to “Developer” tab and click the “Publish” button. From the drop down list, you should select “Publish Form” option.Publish the Form
  4. Subsequently, in the popup “Publish Form As” dialog box, specify a name for this form in “Display name” box and press “Publish” button.Create the No Subject Form
  5. After that, you can close the current message without saving as draft.
  6. Since then, if you want to send an email without subject and desire to avoid the no subject warning, you can create new message via the custom form.
  • In Outlook mail pane, turn to “Developer” tab and hit “Choose Form”.
  • Then in the emerging dialog box, firstly set “Look in” to “Personal Forms Library, and then double click on the custom form to open it.
  • Lastly, you can compose the email as usual and click “Send” button. Surly, you won’t receive any warnings.

There is no denying that it will be very tedious in that you have to choose form every time. So here we will recommend the Workaround 2.

Workaround 2: Achieve with Outlook VBA

  1. For a start, press “Alt + F 11” key buttons to access VBA editor window.
  2. Then you need open the “ThisOutlookSession” project and copy the following codes into it.
Private WithEvents olInspectors As Outlook.Inspectors

Private Sub Application_Startup()
    Set olInspectors = Outlook.Application.Inspectors
End Sub

Private Sub olInspectors_NewInspector(ByVal Inspector As Inspector)
    Dim olItem As Object
    Set olItem = Inspector.CurrentItem
    If olItem.Class = olMail And olItem.Subject = "" Then
       olItem.Subject = " "
    End If
End Sub

Disable No Subject Warning

  1. After that, you have to sign this code and change your Outlook macro settings as usual.
  2. Finally you can have a try. Every time when you create a new email, the email subject will be automatically filled with a space. Hence, no subject warning will not annoy you any longer.

Beware of Junk Emails in Outlook

Actually it is not suggested to send emails without subject because that this kind of emails will tend to be recognized as junks in Outlook. Of course, you ought to also beware of this kind of emails in that they may be malicious emails. If they contain any viruses, your Outlook data will be contracted. At that point, the only resort is to use Outlook PST damage repair tool, like DataNumen Outlook Repair.

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  1. Will this work for outlook.com? If not, is there a way to disable that feature when using outlook.com? Thanks!

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