2 Tips to Add Format Hints when Inputting Texts and Dates in Your Word

In this article, we will look at 2 ways to add format hints when inputting texts and dates in Word documents.

There are times when you have to fill a Word file, be it a resume or a questionnaire. In many cases, some of you may fail to fill a Word file in a right format. It can be a painstaking work to go through these contents rich in forms, especially when it’s your responsibility.

Just to help you out, we will offer you two tips to add format hints to Word document so others shall follow the rules when they input.

Add “Developer” to “Menu Bar”

By default, the “Developer” option is unavailable on the “Menu Bar”, so you have to add it first.

Here are steps to do so:

  1. Click “File”.
  2. Then click “Options”.
  3. In “Word Options” window, choose “Customize Ribbon” option.
  4. Check “Developer” box in the group boxes of “Main Tabs”.
  5. Click “OK”.     Click "Customize Ribbon" ->Check "Developer" Box ->Click "OK"

Now the “Developer” option shall show on the “Menu Bar”.

Tip 1: Add Content Controls

  1. Place your cursor at the position where you have to format the text content.
  2. Click “Developer”.
  3. Then click “Rich Text Content Control” in “Controls” group. And there is a content control at the cursor place.Click "Developer" ->Click "Rich Text Content Control"
  4. Now, click “Properties” in “Controls” group to open “Content Control Properties” window.
  5. Input your requirement in “Title” text box, such as “capitalize the first letter”.
  6. Check “Remove content control when contents are edited” box.
  7. Finally, click “OK”.Input Requirement And Check the Box ->Click "OK"
  8. Now, you will see the content control with the title name “capitalize the first letter”.Content Control with A Format Hint
  9. Type your text and the content control will be gone.
  10. If you want to provide hint for inputting date, just repeat step 1 and step 2.
  11. Choose “Date Picker Content Control” option in “Controls” group this time.Put Cursor Correctly ->Click "Developer" ->Click "Date Picker Content Control" to Insert A Date Content Control
  12. Then you shall be able to see a content control has been successfully inserted. Click the drop-down button to choose a date.Choose A Date
  13. Repeat step 4.
  14. The “Content Control Properties” window shall pop up. First input in “Title” text box, such as “date”.
  15. Choose a display style for date.
  16. Click “OK”.Type A Name with Format Hint ->Choose A Display Format ->Click "OK"Date Control with A Format Hint

Add “Form Field” and “Lock” Commands to “Menu Bar”

  1. Repeat step 1 to 3 in above “Add “Developer” to “Menu Bar””.
  2. Click “New Tab” to create a new one.
  3. Then click “Form Field” in “All Commands” group.
  4. Next click “Add”.
  5. Click “Lock” in “All Commands” group.
  6. Click “Add”.
  7. Then click “OK”.Add "Lock" and "Form Field" in "Word Options"

Tip 2: Add “Form Field”

  1. Again put your cursor at the place where you have to format the text content.
  2. Now click “Form Field”.
  3. In “Form Field” window, click “Text”.
  4. Then click “Options”.Choose "Text" ->Click "Options"
  5. The “Text Form Field Options” window will pop up. Choose “Regular text” for type.
  6. Input default name, such as “capitalize the first letter”.
  7. Change other settings as you like.
  8. Click “OK”.Choose A Type ->Input Default Text ->Change Other Settings ->Click "OK"
  9. Now back to the Word document, click “Lock” and you can edit in “Form Field”.
  10. Click “Lock” to unlock when you finish editing.
  11. If you want to provide hint for inputting date, repeat step 1 to step 4.
  12. Choose “Date” as the type in “Text Form Field Options” window.
  13. Now, input default date.
  14. Click “OK”.Choose Date for Type ->Type Default Date ->Click "OK"
  15. Repeat step 9 and step 10.

Though both tips can carry out the same effect, tip 2 is a little complicated. And you have to manually delete the “Form Field” following steps below:

  1. Click the text.
  2. Press “Shift+ Ctrl9+F9”.

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