2 Quick Methods to Forward Outlook Emails without “FW” Prefix in Subject

When you forward emails in Outlook, “FW” will be added to the subject by default. If you dislike it, you can apply the following 2 approaches to disable “FW” prefix in subject.

As a rule, when we forward emails, the characters “FW:” will be inserted at the beginning of the email subject line. However, at times, for some reasons, we may hope to just forward the emails without “FW”. Of course, we’re able to remove it manually in the forwarding messages. But it’s a bit troublesome. Here 2 related workarounds will be exposed to improve efficiency.

Method 1: Resend the Email

  1. For a start, launch Outlook application. In mail pane, double click a received email to open it in its own window.
  2. Then in the message window, you ought to click on “Actions” button in “Move” group. And from its drop down list, you should choose “Resend This Message” option.Resend this message
  3. Next you will receive an Outlook prompt which aims to re-confirm whether to resend or not. You need to press “Yes” button.Re-confirm Resending this Message
  4. After that, a new message window will pop up, which has the same contents, senders, recipients and subject without “FW” prefix as the source email. Thus here you need to change the “From” field. Click “From” button and select your own email account. And proceed to modify the “To” and “CC” fields.Reset the Sending Account
  5. Finally you can hit “Send” button to send this message out.

Method 2: Forward the Email via Quick Steps

  1. At the very outset, create a new quick step by clicking “Create New” button in “Quick Steps” group under “Home” tab.Create a New Quick Step
  2. And then in the subsequent “Edit Quick Step” dialog box, you have to take the following steps:
  • To start with, assign a name for this new quick step, such as “Forward without ‘FW’ in subject”.
  • Then from the drop down list of “Actions”, locate and opt for “Forward” option.
  • Next click “Show Options” link to expose more available options.
  • And later in “Subject” line, you need to remove “FW:” characters.
  • Lastly click “Finish” button to activate the newly created quick step and back to Outlook main interface.Edit Quick Step
  1. Now you can have a try. Pitch on a received email from the mail list and then hit the new quick step in the “Quick Steps” box. A new forwarding message window will turn up at once. You will definitely find that no “FW” prefix in the subject line.Forward Outlook Emails without “FW” Prefix in Subject

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