2 Quick Methods to Check the Creation Time of Your Outlook Tasks

You can easily check the start date and due date of Outlook tasks. But how can you get their creation time? This article will teach you 2 methods.

It is inevitable that sometimes you may need to find out the creation time of task items in Outlook for some reasons. However, by default, Outlook only show you the start date and due date, no matter in the task list or in the open task window. In this case, you have to take some extra efforts to find it out. Here we will exhibit 2 approaches depending on the number of tasks whose creation time you intend to check.

Method 1: Check the Creation Time of One Outlook Task

If you only would like to see the creation time of a single Outlook task, this means is more suggested.

  1. To start with, from the task list, locate and double click your desired task to open it in its own window.
  2. Then in the Task window, you should switch to “Developer” tab.

Note: If you haven’t found “Developer” tab, you should head to “File” > “Options” > “Customize Ribbon” to enable “Developer” tab.

Enable Developer Tab for Task

  1. Next click on “Design This Form” in “Form” group under “Developer” tab.

Design This Form

  1. After that, you should switch to “(All Fields)” tab and click the down arrow in “Select from” field. And from the drop down list, choose “Date/Time fields”.

Date/Time Fields

  1. Finally you can see the “Created” line, which refers to the creation time of the current task item, like the following screenshot:

Check Creation Time of One Outlook Task

Method 2: Check the Creation Time of Multiple Outlook Tasks

Nevertheless, provided that you mean to check the creation time of multiple task items or frequently find out the creation time, the 1st method will be considerably time-consuming. So here is another quick tip.

  1. For a start, right click the columns in the task list and choose “View Settings” option from the context menu.

View Settings

  1. Then in the “Advanced View Settings” dialog box, click on “Columns” button.
  2. Another new dialog box of “Show Columns” will pop up. Follow the steps:
  • Firstly, choose “Date/Time fields” from “Select available columns from” drop down list.
  • Then pitch on “Created” and click the “Add” button.

Add Created Column

  • Optionally, use “Move Up” to change its position.
  • Lastly click a series of “OK” to close all the dialog boxes.
  1. After the above steps, you will back to the task list. You can see the creation time of all the tasks under “Created” column.

Created Column

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