2 Methods to Batch Change the Fonts of All Comments in an Excel Workbook

After inserting many comments in an Excel workbook, you may want to customize the fonts of all the comments. In this situation, you can refer to this article. Here we will share you 2 easy methods.

As we can see, the comments inserted in Excel automatically use the default font. At times, you may want to alter the comments’ fonts. If there are a few comments, you can simply use the following Method 1 to manually change them. However, if there are hundreds of comments, you are better off selecting the latter means.

Method 1: Change One by One

  1. First off, select a comment in the worksheet.
  2. Then, right click on it and select “Format Comment” from the context menu.

    Select "Format Comment" Menu Item

  3. Next, in the small popup dialog box, you can select fonts and styles to your liking.

    "Format Comment" Dialog

  4. Ultimately, click “OK”.
  5. Later, you can use this way to manually change comments one by one.

Method 2: Batch Change via VBA

  1. For a start, launch Excel VBA editor with reference to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Excel“.
  2. Then, in the “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications” window, put the VBA code below into a project or module.
Sub BatchChangeFontsOfAllComments()

    Dim objWorksheet As Excel.Worksheet

    Dim objComment As Excel.Comment


    'Process all worksheet one by one

    For Each objWorksheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets

        If objWorksheet.Comments.Count > 0 Then

           For Each objComment In objWorksheet.Comments

               With objComment.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font

                    'Specify font name and size

                    .Name = "Comic Sans MS"

                    .Size = 10

                    'Use RGB function to create a color value

                    .Color = RGB(255, 0, 0)

                    .Italic = True

                    .Bold = True

               End With


        End If


End Sub


VBA Project

  1. Later, run this macro simply by pressing “F5” key button.
  2. Eventually, after macro finishes, back to the worksheets.
  3. As you can see, the fonts of all comments have been changed, as shown in the following screenshot:

Change Comment Font Result


Advantages Disadvantages
Method 1 Quick and easy to process a small amount of comments Very troublesome in case of too many comments
Method 2 Very efficient regardless of the number of comments Increase risks of virus infection

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