2 Methods to Match the Text Box Size with the Inside Text Size in Your Word

In this article, we are going to introduce you 2 methods to match the text box size with the inside text size in your Word.

There and then you must have inserted text box into your Word document. However the problem remains there is that when you drag the text box to enlarge or narrow its size, the size of the text within does not change accordingly. What an ailing issue! As usual, we are here to relieve you from the big headache.

As a matter of fact, it’s not a rocket science to address the problem. Following are two methods you can employ in your Word file.

Method 1: Make Text Box Size Fit Text

  1. First and foremost, click “Insert”.
  2. Then go to click “Text Box” in “Text” group.Click "Insert" ->Click "Text Box"
  3. Next enter your text into the box.
  4. Then click one of the text box lines to select the textbox.
  5. Next right click.
  6. Go to choose “Format Shape” option on the list-menu.Click the Text Box Line to Select it -> Right Click ->Choose "Format Shape"
  7. Now in “Format Shape” dialog box, you first click “Text Box” option on the left side column.
  8. Then on the right side area, check “Resize shape to fit text” box under “Autofit”.
  9. Next click “Close” button.Click "Text Box" ->Check "Resize shape to fit text" Box ->Click "Close"

Only when you check “Resize shape to fit text” box, can you adjust your text size         without worrying the text box size failing to fit it.

  1. Now, you can select the text.
  2. Then click “Home” tab.
  3. Next choose a font size for the text. You will see the text box changes according to the font size.Select the Text ->Choose a Font Size

Method 2: Convert Text Box to a Picture

  1. First thing is to repeat the first 5 steps in method 1.
  2. This time you choose “Cut” option on the list-menu. Or you can simply press “Ctrl+ X” in this step.Click the Text Box Line to Select it ->Right Click ->Choose "Cut"
  3. Next, click “Home” tab.
  4. Then click the upside-down triangle on “Paste” icon in “Clipboard” group.
  5. And click “Paste Special” option.Click "Paste" ->Click "Paste Special"
  6. Now in “Paste Special” dialog box, click “Picture (Enhanced Metafile)”.
  7. Then click “OK”.Click "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" ->Click "OK"

You will see the text box has been converted to a picture.Text Box Being Converted into a Picture

  1. Go to click the picture and the handles will show.
  2. Click one of the handles and drag to enlarge the picture. Then you find the text seems larger.Click the Picture to Select ->Click and Drag the Handles to Enlarge the Picture

But you have to understand that the size of the text actually does not change. When you enlarge the picture, you only zoom in the text.

Comparison of 2 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Make Text Box Size Fit Text 1.        The text size does change.

2.        You don’t have to worry that the text will outsize the text box.

3.        You can edit text all the time.

4.        The text display effect will not get undermined.

1.        You have to manually resize the text.

2.        You have to check “Resize shape to fit text” box in “Format Shape” first. Otherwise the text may outsize the text box.

Convert Text Box to a Picture The text will be larger as you enlarge the picture, so you don’t have to adjust it manually. 1.        You cannot edit the text once you convert it to picture.

2.        The text display effect will get undermined.

3.        The text size actually does not change.

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