2 Methods to Add Additional Words to Your Excel Dictionary

In your Excel worksheet, you will certainly input some additional words into cells. Hence, here we will discuss about how to add those additional words to the Excel dictionary.

When you use the spelling feature to check the worksheet, the Excel will also regard some additional words as mistakes. Those additional words can be the name of a company, the name of certain products or some abbreviations. At this moment, you can directly ignore it. However, the next time you check your workbook, the same word will still be regarded as mistakes. And this is very annoying. Hence, now you can use the two methods below and add those additional words to the Excel dictionary.

Method 1: Add Words when Checking

In this part, we will demonstrate the steps to add words to Excel dictionary when you are checking the worksheet.

  1. Click the tab “Review” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button “Spelling”. In addition, you can also press the key “F7” on the keyboard to replace these two steps.Spelling
  3. In the “Spelling” window, Excel will check the cells one by one. When you see the additional word appear in the window, click the button “Add to Dictionary”.Add to Dictionary

Thus, this additional word has been added to the Excel dictionary. And then you will never see this word appear in the “Spelling” window.

Method 2: Custom Dictionaries

In this method, you can custom the dictionary and add the words into dictionary.

  1. Click the tab “File” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button “Options”.Click File and Click Options
  3. On the “Excel Options” window, click the option “Proofing”.
  4. And then click the button “Custom Dictionaries”.Custom Dictionaries
  5. In the “Custom Dictionaries” window, choose the button “Edit Word List”.Edit Word List
  6. And then in the new window, input your word into the first text box.
  7. Next click the button “Add”.Input Words

Thus, the word will appear in the “Dictionary”.

  1. Now click the button “OK” in the window.OK
  2. Next continue clicking “OK” in the “Custom Dictionary” window.
  3. And then click the button “OK” in the “Excel Window”.Click OK

The next time when you check the worksheet, you will never see this additional word appear in the “Spelling” window.

From the above analysis, you will know that both methods will add the additional words into the Excel dictionary. Besides, if you need to delete words, you can also delete in the “CUSTOM.DIC” window.

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