2 Method to Add Background Images when Creating Posters or Banners in Word

To create a poster or a banner in Word, you also need an attractive background to make it more visually appealing. In this article, we will offer you some useful instructions.

To make your posters more attractive and interesting, you can apply some nonstandard effects to the text in your Word, as we have mentioned in the previous article “How to Apply Effects to Text to Create Attractive Posters in Your Word”. Also, you can make the document more visually appealing through the use of background image. Instead of printing out pages with a plain white background, we can add a background image to it, so as to make it more colorful and attractive. And this article will mainly talk about 2 methods on how to do that.

Method 1: Insert a Picture to a Page and Adjust it Manually

Firstly, one way is to adjust the picture we insert manually, until it spread over the entire Word page. Finally, we can get a page like this:Insert a Picture to a Page

To do that, you can follow these steps.

  1. First, right click at the picture you have inserted, and then select “Size and Position”.Select “Size and Position”
  2. Switch to “Text Wrapping” page, and select “Behind Text” under “Wrapping style”. And then click “OK”.Select “Behind text” under “Wrapping style”
  3. Finally, adjust the size of the picture manually until it spread over the whole page. And if the picture is no longer needed, just click the page and press “Delete” to remove it.

Method 2: Fill the Background with a Picture for all Pages

Another way is to alter the fill effects of your pages, so as to fill the page background with the picture you select like this:Fill the Background with a Picture

To do that, you can follow these steps.

  1. Click on “Page layout” tab, click “Page color”, in the “Page Background” group, and then select “Fill Effects”.Click “Page color”
  2. A dialog box comes up, then go to the “Picture” tab and click on “Select Picture”. You can select here the picture you want to insert. In this way, we will set the picture as the background of all pages in a document.Click on “Select Picture”

Comparison of the Above 2 Methods

To make a more intuitive comparison of the above two method, we have listed the similarities and differences in the following table.

Similarities Differences
Method 1 1. Both methods enable a picture to spread over the entire page.

2. In addition, both of them allows text editing on the pictures

1.       We can adjust the picture on the page as we desire.

2.       The picture we insert will only spread over that page.

3.       The picture we inserts do not interfere with other tables on the document.

Method 2 1.       Word will automatically tile the picture we insert and we cannot adjust it manually.

2.       The picture we insert will be set as background of all the pages.

3.       The picture we inserts will stack on other tables on the document.

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