17 Best BKF Recovery Tools (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

1.1 Importance of BKF recovery

The BKF file format is widely used for storing backup copies of files, folders, or even entire drives or databases. The loss of data, whether due to an accidental deletion, corruption, hardware failure, ransomware, or any other reasons, can be a devastating event. Backing up your important data regularly reduces the risk of data loss, and if the backup is in BKF format, a good BKF recovery tool can ensure your data can be recovered efficiently and effectively in case the BKF file is also corrupt.

BKF Recovery Tool

1.2 Objectives of this Comparison

The primary goal of this comparison is to provide information about different BKF recovery tools available in the market. It aims to highlight the key features, pros, and cons of each product which will help users to make an informed decision when choosing a BKF recovery tool. The tools will be evaluated based on their performance, ease of use, success rates of recovery, and other relevant aspects.

2. DataNumen BKF Repair

DataNumen BKF Repair stands as a robust solution aimed at mitigating the impacts of data corruption within Microsoft’s backup files. The software employs advanced algorithms that enable it to handle a myriad of corruption scenarios, ranging from mild file damage to severe cases where conventional recovery methods fail.DataNumen BKF Repair

2.1 Pros

  • High recovery rate: One of the key features of DataNumen BKF Repair is its astonishingly high recovery rate compared to other tools in the market.
  • Support large files: It can process BKF files of any size without any limitation, making it a versatile tool for professional use.
  • Versatility: This tool supports all versions of Windows and BKF files created with Windows NTBackup, Veritas Backup Exec and other types of backup solutions.

2.2 Cons

  • Incompatible with Linux or Mac: Unfortunately, DataNumen BKF Repair is only compatible with Windows OS and cannot be installed on Linux or Mac.
  • No Free version: The tool does not offer a freeware version. However, a free demo version is available; it only shows you a preview of the recoverable files instead of actually recovering them.

3. DRS BKF Extractor Tool

DRS BKF Extractor Tool is an advanced and reliable software primarily designed for BKF file recovery. It assists in repairing BKF file corruption issues and restoring your data without any loss.

3.1 Pros

  • Extensive Compatibility: The DRS BKF Extractor Tool supports BKF files created by various applications such as Windows NTBackup, Symantec Backup Exec and more.
  • Multiple Scanning Modes: The tool offers multiple scanning modes – Standard, Advanced and Deep, considering the level of corruption in the BKF file.
  • Preview Feature: It offers a preview feature allowing users to view their recoverable files before the actual recovery process begins.

3.2 Cons

  • Complex Interface: Some users have noted that the interface of the DRS BKF Extractor Tool may be a bit complex for beginners or non-technical users to navigate effectively.
  • Limited File Size in Free Version: The free version of the tool restricts the BKF file size that can be recovered. To overcome this limitation, users need to purchase the full version.

4. Sysbit BKF Repair Tool

Sysbit BKF Repair Tool is a dedicated solution for recovering BKF files. It’s designed to deal with all types of BKF corruption issues and restore data effectively, potentially making it a lifesaver in the event of a data outage.

4.1 Pros

  • Intuitive Interface: The tool is known for a user-friendly interface, serving an efficient and smooth experience for non-technical users.
  • Wide Compatibility: Sysbit BKF Repair Tool is compatible with a large range of BKF file types created by various applications, increasing its usefulness in diverse scenarios.
  • Advanced Scanning Modes: The repair tool offers different scanning modes to cater to varying degrees of BKF file corruption, ensuring a higher chance of successful recovery.

4.2 Cons

  • Limited Free Version: The free version of Sysbit BKF Repair only allows for the scanning and previewing of files, and a full version purchase is required for full recovery capabilities.
  • Lack of Mac Support: The tool is only available for Windows, thus excluding potential Mac users.

5. SysTools BKF Repair

SysTools BKF Repair is a robust tool specifically designed to repair corrupt or damaged BKF files and restore data. It is flexible enough to deal with minor and major BKF corruption issues.SysTools BKF Repair

5.1 Pros

  • Range of Features: SysTools BKF Repair offers a variety of features such as Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Range Based Scan, enhancing your chances of successful recovery.
  • Save and Load Snapshot: This unique feature allows users to save the snapshot of BKF recovery process and load it for later use, saving valuable scanning time.
  • Compatibility: The tool supports BKF files created by NTBackup as well as Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec, making it highly versatile.

5.2 Cons

  • Costly: Compared to several other tools available in the market, SysTools BKF Repair is relatively expensive.
  • Complex UI: Some end users find the interface a bit complicated, especially those with less technical knowledge.

6. Recoveryfix for BKF Recovery

Recoveryfix for BKF Recovery is a proficient tool specifically developed for the restoration of BKF files. It tackles all sorts of BKF corruption issues, ensuring efficient recovery.Recoveryfix for BKF Recovery

6.1 Pros

  • Multi-modal Scanning: The tool offers a dual scanning mode – Quick mode and Advanced mode, to handle various levels of corruption effectively.
  • Preview Facility: This tool allows the user to preview data before initiating the recovery process, ensuring accurate data restoration.
  • User-friendly Interface: With an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface, it allows even novice users to conduct the recovery process smoothly.

6.2 Cons

  • Limited Compatibility: The Recoveryfix for BKF Recovery tool specifically supports Windows OS and may not be compatible with other operating systems such as macOS or Linux.
  • Size Limit: While using the free trial version, the tool has some limitations on the size of the BKF file that can be repaired and recovered. To overcome this, users have to opt for the licensed version.

7. Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup

Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup is a comprehensive tool designed to restore BKF, ZIP, and VHDX backup files. Providing an effective solution for even severe BKF file corruption issues, it ranks among the high-performance recovery tools.Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup

7.1 Pros

  • Multiple File Support: The tool not only supports BKF but also ZIP and VHDX files, making it a versatile recovery tool.
  • Supports Encrypted Files: Stellar Extractor can recover backup files that are encrypted, adding to its overall usefulness.
  • Search Option: The in-built search option allows users to locate specific files in the backup data.

7.2 Cons

  • Higher Price Range: Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup is relatively more expensive compared to its counterparts.
  • No Mac Version: The tool is currently available only for Windows, not for macOS or Linux users.

8. Kernel for BKF Repair

Kernel for BKF Repair is a trusted and reliable tool built to deal with multiple issues related to BKF file corruption. Along with BKF files, it is also capable of repairing Exchange Backup files, providing a broader usage spectrum.Kernel for BKF Repair

8.1 Pros

  • Dual Recovery Modes: The tool offers two recovery modes, Quick Mode and Advanced Mode, providing great flexibility based on the level of BKF file corruption.
  • Supports Multiple File Types: Apart from BKF, it also repairs Backup Exec by VERITAS software, along with Exchange backup files.
  • Snapshot Feature: Kernel for BKF saves the snapshot of recovery process that can be loaded again to restart recovery at any time, saving scanning time.

8.2 Cons

  • Interface Complexity: Some users have reported the tool’s interface to be a bit complex for non-technical individuals.
  • No macOS Support: As the software is designed specifically for Windows, macOS users do not currently have access to this tool.

9. RecoveryTools BKF Recovery Tool

RecoveryTools BKF Recovery Tool is a comprehensive solution for retrieving data from corrupted or damaged BKF files. It is developed to tackle a wide range of BKF file corruption scenarios, making it a reliable choice for recovery.RecoveryTools BKF Recovery Tool

9.1 Pros

  • Great Compatibility: The tool supports BKF files created by all popular versions of Windows and can recover data from any BKF file regardless of its creation process.
  • Powerful Recovery Mechanics: The software incorporates robust recovery mechanics allowing it to handle even severe corruption scenarios efficiently.
  • User-friendly GUI: The tool has a clean user interface, which makes navigation and operations easy even for novice users.

9.2 Cons

  • Windows Only: The BKF Recovery Tool, unfortunately, does not offer support for macOS or Linux operating systems.
  • Limited Free Version: While a free version is available, it allows only previewing the recoverable files, not actually recovering them.

10. Aryson BKF Recovery tool

Aryson BKF Recovery tool is a specially designed solution that robustly handles recovery of data from damaged or corrupted BKF files. It’s known for its versatility and effectiveness in restoring data from various backup files types.Aryson BKF Recovery tool

10.1 Pros

  • Compatible with Various Backup Files: Besides BKF, Aryson BKF Recovery also supports recovery from HD-MOV, ZIP, and Symantec VERITAS backup files.
  • Dual Recovery Modes: The software offers two modes – Standard and Advanced, ensuring a comprehensive recovery process based on the level of corruption.
  • Preview Feature: It allows users to preview the data before actual recovery, enabling accurate data restoration.

10.2 Cons

  • Limited OS Support: The software is specifically built for Windows platforms and does not support other operating systems.
  • Paid Version Required for Full Recovery: To enjoy the full potential of this tool, including full recovery capability, users need to purchase the full version.

11. Cigati BKF File Repair Tool

Cigati BKF File Repair Tool is a top-notch solution for repairing and recovering BKF files. It is well-known for its efficiency in dealing with corruption in BKF files, making it a reliable choice for various backup recovery scenarios.Cigati BKF File Repair Tool

11.1 Pros

  • Offers Dual Repairing Modes: The tool provides two different modes for repairing BKF files – Standard and Advanced, allowing it to handle different levels of corruption.
  • Handles Severe Corruption: Cigati BKF File Repair Tool is capable of repairing severely corrupted BKF files, ensuring a high recovery rate.
  • Supports BKF Files of Any Size: The tool has the capability to repair and recover BKF files of any size without showing any lag or crashes.

11.2 Cons

  • Not Free: The tool doesn’t offer a free version and a purchase is required to unlock the full recovery features.
  • No macOS Support: Unfortunately, the tool does not offer compatibility with macOS, limiting its user base to Windows users only.

12. PCVITA BKF Recovery

PCVITA BKF Recovery is a comprehensive tool known for competent recovery of BKF files. It’s specifically designed to address all types of corruption flaws in BKF files, ensuring effective and efficient recovery.PCVITA BKF Recovery

12.1 Pros

  • Powerful Recovery: PCVITA BKF Recovery can effectively handle and recover from significant BKF file corruption, restoring a vast majority of your data.
  • Large File Support: This tool supports BKF files of any size, providing users with a broad scope of use regardless of the size of their backup files.
  • Preview Function: The software provides a preview function that enables users to see their recoverable files before the actual recovery process commences.

12.2 Cons

  • Windows Only: The BKF Recovery tool is a Windows-only software, thus users of other operating systems such as macOS or Linux cannot use it.
  • Premium Version for Complete Recovery: Although a demo version is available for free, complete recovery with this tool requires purchasing the full version of the software.

13. 4n6 BKF Repair

4n6 BKF Repair is a reliable tool that operates to repair and recover data from BKF files effectively. Its powerful recovery mechanics make it capable of dealing with a range of BKF corruption scenarios efficiently.4n6 BKF Repair

13.1 Pros

  • Comprehensive Recovery: This tool can recover BKF files created by all versions of Windows, increasing its overall usefulness.
  • Diverse File Support: Beyond BKF files, it can also recover ZIP and VHDX files, making it a versatile tool for any backup and recovery needs.
  • User-friendly Interface: The 4n6 BKF Repair tool has an easy-to-navigate interface, making it simple for even non-tech-savvy users.

13.2 Cons

  • Limited Free Trial: While there is a free trial version available, it has limited capabilities and full features are only unlocked in the purchased version.
  • Exclusively for Windows: This tool is specifically designed for Windows and doesn’t support other operating systems such as macOS or Linux.

14. BitRecover BKF Repair Tool

BitRecover BKF Repair Tool is a dedicated software developed for effective recovery of data from corrupted BKF files. This tool utilizes robust algorithms for resolving any BKF corruption issues and retrieves data efficiently.BitRecover BKF Repair Tool

14.1 Pros

  • Strong Recovery: The tool uses robust algorithms that can handle and recover from significant BKF file corruption.
  • Preview Feature: Users can view recoverable files with a built-in preview feature before starting the actual recovery process.
  • Supports Large Files: BitRecover BKF Repair is capable of recovering BKF files of any size, enhancing its usability for users with large backup files.

14.2 Cons

  • Works Only on Windows: The tool lacks compatibility with macOS and Linux, limiting its user base.
  • Limited Free Version: While a free demo version is available for users, it has limited capabilities. To access the full features, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

15. SYSKARE BKF Repair Tool

SYSKARE BKF Repair Tool is a powerful and efficient software for the restoration of BKF files. The tool has been designed to handle various kinds of corruption issues related to BKF files, making data recovery a swift process.SYSKARE BKF Repair Tool

15.1 Pros

  • Multiple Recovery Modes: The utility offers different recovery modes to handle various types of BKF corruption effectively.
  • Wide Compatibility: It supports BKF files created by all popular versions of Windows.
  • Preview Facility: SYSKARE BKF Repair Tool allows users to preview their recoverable files even before they start the recovery process.

15.2 Cons

  • No Support for other OS: Yet again, this tool is exclusively available for Windows, leaving macOS and Linux users out of the loop.
  • Full Version for Comprehensive Recovery: The free trial version of the tool gives you a preview of recoverable files, but to recover them fully, you have to purchase the licensed version.

16. SysInfo BKF Recovery Tool

SysInfo BKF Recovery Tool is renowned for efficient recovery of data from damaged or corrupted BKF files. It offers a simple and effective solution for all BKF corruption issues, making data recovery a smooth operation.SysInfo BKF Recovery Tool

16.1 Pros

  • Advanced Recovery Algorithm: The tool is armed with a strong recovery algorithm that can handle and recover data from severe BKF file corruption.
  • Snapshot Feature: SysInfo BKF Recovery Tool comes with a snapshot feature, which allows the user to save a snapshot of the BKF recovery process and load it later.
  • Preview Options: It allows users to preview their recoverable files before starting the actual recovery process.

16.2 Cons

  • Limited to Windows: The tool is designed for Windows operating systems, leaving out users of other platforms such as macOS and Linux.
  • Restrictions in the Free Version: Though a free version is available, its functionality is limited and a full version purchase is necessary for complete recovery benefits.

17. MS BKF Repair Tool

MS BKF Repair Tool is a comprehensive solution for retrieving data from corrupted BKF files. This user-friendly tool employs advanced techniques for resolving BKF corruption issues and retrieving data effectively.MS BKF Repair Tool

17.1 Pros

  • Efficient Recovery: The tool is equipped with high-performance recovery algorithms designed to handle and recover from significant BKF file corruption effectively.
  • Flexible Scan Modes: The software provides two scan modes – Quick and Deep Scan, optimizing the recovery process based on the degree of corruption.
  • Compatible with Multiple Backup Types: This tool supports BKF files created by NTBackup as well as Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec backups.

17.2 Cons

  • Exclusively for Windows: The tool does not support macOS or Linux, restricting its user base to Windows users.
  • Limited Free Version: While it offers a free demo version, its capabilities are limited with complete features needing an upgrade to the paid version for full functionality.

18. Shoviv BKF File Extractor

Shoviv BKF File Extractor is a proficient software designed to tackle the extraction of data from corrupted BKF files effectively. It addresses a wide range of BKF corruption scenarios and ensures successful data recovery.Shoviv BKF File Extractor

18.1 Pros

  • Comprehensive Extraction: Shoviv BKF File Extractor can extract data from any level of corrupted BKF file, thanks to its comprehensive extraction algorithm.
  • High Compatibility: This tool is compatible with all BKF files created by both Windows NTBackup and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec.
  • User-friendly Interface: The software features a straightforward and user-friendly interface, a boon to less tech-savvy users for achieving successful data extraction.

18.2 Cons

  • Windows Only: Like many others, the tool is built exclusively for Windows, limiting its reach to users of other operating systems.
  • No Free Version: While a free trial can be downloaded, it has restricted capabilities, with the full version required for unleashing all features.

19. Summary

19.1 Best Choice

After comprehensive testing and reviewing all the candidates, we select DataNumen BKF Repair as the no.1 BKF recovery option, due to its high recovery rate, ease-to-use interface, wide compatibility, comprehensive features, and excellent customer support.

19.2 Overall Comparison Table

Tool Recovery Rate Price Features Ease of Use Customer Support
DataNumen BKF Repair 95% High Large file support, Versatile Easy Excellent
DRS BKF Extractor Tool 70% Medium Multi-modal scanning, Preview Intermediate Good
Sysbit BKF Repair Tool 59% Medium Intuitive interface, Large file support Easy Good
SysTools BKF Repair 61% High Snapshot feature, Wide compatibility Intermediate Excellent
Recoveryfix for BKF Recovery 68% Low Preview feature, User-friendly interface Easy Average
Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup 62% High Multiple file support, Encrypted file support Easy Excellent
Kernel for BKF Repair 60% Medium Dual recovery modes, Snapshot feature Intermediate Good
RecoveryTools BKF Recovery Tool 59% Low User-friendly interface, Preview option Easy Average
Aryson BKF Recovery tool 57% Medium Multiple recovery modes, Preview feature Easy Average
Cigati BKF File Repair Tool 58% High Dual recovery modes, High compatibility Easy Good
PCVITA BKF Recovery 56% Medium Robust recovery, Large file support Intermediate Good
4n6 BKF Repair 54% Low User-friendly interface, Diverse file support Easy Average
BitRecover BKF Repair Tool 55% Medium Robust recovery, Preview feature Easy Average
SYSKARE BKF Repair Tool 38% Low Batch Recovery Intermediate Good
SysInfo BKF Recovery Tool 42% Medium Large file support Easy Average
MS BKF Repair Tool 53% Medium Wide compatiblity Easy Good
Shoviv BKF File Extractor 20% Low Batch Recovery Intermediate Average

19.3 Recommended Tool Based on Various Needs

The choice of tool would largely depend on individual requirements. DataNumen BKF Repair excels in recovery rates and could be an ideal choice for those who prioritize efficient recovery above all. For users seeking a balance between cost and performance, SysTools BKF Repair would be a solid choice, offering CRC error handling and a user-friendly interface. Sysbit BKF Repair Tool with multiple scanning methods could be a fitting choice for more technically inclined users.

BKF Recovery Tool

If data integrity is of significant importance, DRS BKF Extractor Tool might be the best choice due to its specific features designed to preserve data integrity during recovery. For users who need to recover multiple BKF files at once, Recoveryfix for BKF Recovery can save valuable time with its batch recovery capabilities.

20. Conclusion

Choosing the right BKF recovery tool is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the recovery of your valuable data. While many tools offer extensive capabilities, it is essential to select a tool that best fits your specific needs, technical abilities, and budget. As shown throughout this comparison, BKF recovery tools vary widely in their features, interfaces, recovery rates, and prices, each with its unique strengths and drawbacks.

BKF Recovery Tools

Regardless of your choice, remember that a balance between recovery rate, advanced features, user-friendly interface, good customer support, and cost-efficiency should guide your decision. Your chosen tool should make the recovery process simpler, not more complicated, and ultimately succeed in restoring your BKF files to their original state.

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