11 Best Convert XLS To Word Tools (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

1.1 Importance of Convert XLS To Word tool

With the increasing digitalization of information, the use of Office productivity tools like Microsoft Excel and Word are becoming increasingly common. Spreadsheets, or XLS files, are incredibly effective when it comes to managing data and performing complex calculations. However, they aren’t always the most suitable format for presenting information. This is where Word files, or DOC files, excel; with their superior formatting and layout capabilities making them ideal for displaying information in a more digestible format.

Convert XLS To Word Tools Introduction

This is where Convert XLS to Word tools become invaluable. They facilitate the conversion of spreadsheet data into a Word environment, allowing for enhanced presentation and readability. Whether it’s for business reporting, academic research, or other professional documentation, the importance of these tools is undeniable. They save time, preserve data integrity, and make life easier for users who need to switch between these two different file formats.

1.2 Excel Document Recovery

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1.3 Objectives of this Comparison

With a multitude of Convert XLS to Word tools available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your unique needs. The objective of this comparison is to offer a comprehensive analysis of various popular Convert XLS to Word tools, presenting a detailed overview of each tool’s salient features, pros, and cons. Through this, we aim to assist individuals and business entities in making an educated decision while choosing a tool that will effectively convert XLS files to Word documents.

By synthesizing valuable information into an accessible format, we hope to empower users to choose the right tool that balances their requirements in terms of ease of use, cost-effectiveness, overall functionality and reliability.

2. Convertio XLS (EXCEL) to DOC (WORD) Converter

Convertio is a versatile online file conversion tool that supports a multitude of file formats, including XLS to DOC conversions. This tool facilitates quick and efficient conversion of Excel spreadsheet files into Word documents, eliminating the need for any hardware or software installation. The user-friendly interface and simple navigation of Convertio make it an attractive choice for all kinds of users.Convertio XLS (EXCEL) to DOC (WORD) Converter

2.1 Pros

  • Convenience: Convertio is an online-based tool, which means users can access its services anywhere, at any time, provided they have internet connectivity.
  • Multi-platform support: Convertio supports file conversion for various formats beyond just XLS to DOC.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigating the conversion process is quick and straightforward, making Convertio a good tool for beginners and those who prefer simplicity.
  • High efficiency: The tool is designed to offer fast conversions without compromising on the quality or accuracy of the converted document’s data.

2.2 Cons

  • File size limitation: The free access version of Convertio comes with a limitation on the size of the files that can be converted. For larger files, users might have to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Internet dependency: As an online conversion tool, Convertio demands a stable internet connection for seamless operation. This dependency can pose a problem in areas with poor or inconsistent internet connectivity.

3. PDFConvertOnline

PDFConvertOnline is a versatile online converter that supports a wide array of file transformations, including XLS to DOC. This tool is well-regarded for its capability to deliver precise conversions rapidly. Additionally, the user interface is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for both experienced and novice users to operate.PDFConvertOnline

3.1 Pros

  • Free use: PDFConvertOnline is a free online converter, making it a cost-effective tool especially for individuals or small businesses that are operating under a tight budget.
  • Convenience: As an online tool, it is easily accessible anytime and from any location, provided you have internet access.
  • Wide augmentation: The tool can handle a broad range of file formats, not only XLS to DOC, making it handy for various conversion needs.
  • Easy to operate: The user interface is simple and guides users through the conversion process, making it an easy-to-navigate tool even for less tech-savvy users.

3.2 Cons

  • Requires internet connection: Being a web-based tool, PDFConvertOnline requires constant internet connectivity, which can be a drawback in areas with sub-optimal network access.
  • Presence of ads: The user interface contains advertisements which can be disruptive during the conversion process.
  • Limited features: While it provides basic conversion functions, it may not offer as many features or customization options as some professional, paid programs.


CDKM Excel to Word is an online converter tool that specializes in turning XLS files into Word documents with high precision. CDKM prides itself on the accuracy of its conversions, ensuring data integrity is preserved. The toolfollows a simple, step-by-step format, allowing users to submit their files, convert them, and download the output.CDKM EXCEL to WORD

4.1 Pros

  • Data integrity: CDKM’s primary strength is its highly accurate conversions that maintain the integrity of the original data when transformed from XLS to DOC.
  • Simple user interface: Its platform is designed to be easily navigable, making it a user-friendly option for both tech-savvy users and beginners.
  • No software required: Operating as an online-based tool, CDKM requires no software download or installation, offering convenience and flexibility to users.

4.2 Cons

  • Dependence on internet: Being a web-based tool, CDKM requires an active and stable internet connection to function properly. This might be a limitation for users in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Limited to basic conversion: While CDKM offers accurate XLS to DOC conversions, it does not appear to offer advanced customization options that some other tools provide.
  • Unconfirmed file size limitation: Like many free tools, it is likely that there may be limits on the file size that can be converted. However, explicit information on such limitations are not immediately available.

5. CoolUtils XLS to Doc Online Converter

CoolUtils XLS to Doc Online Converter is a free-to-use tool designed for converting Excel spreadsheets into Word documents. It’s a simple-to-use platform that allows quick and efficient transformation of your data from the spreadsheet environment into the more readable Word format, all in a matter of clicks.CoolUtils XLS to Doc Online Converter

5.1 Pros

  • Cost-effective solution: As a free tool, CoolUtils is a cost-effective solution for XLS to DOC conversions.
  • Simple and straightforward: Its user interface is easy to navigate and prompts users through the conversion process hence making it suitable for all user types including beginners.
  • No installation needed: Being an online tool, there’s no software to download or install. Users only need internet connectivity to access the online converter.

5.2 Cons

  • Internet dependant: The tool requires an active internet connection for successful conversions which can be problematic in areas with poor or unstable internet coverage.
  • Possible data privacy concerns: Like any online tool, there’s always a risk of data privacy issues. Whether the site retains user data post-conversion is unclear.
  • Limited functions: While CoolUtils provides basic XLS to DOC conversions, users looking for advanced options or formatting tools may find limitations.

6. OnlineConvertFree

OnlineConvertFree is a web-based conversion tool that caters to various file format transformations, including Excel XLS to DOC. This platform seeks to provide a seamless conversion experience, ensuring data accuracy while maintaining a user-friendly environment.OnlineConvertFree

6.1 Pros

  • Free and accessible: OnlineConvertFree is free, and its availability online makes it readily accessible to users.
  • Multiple conversions: Apart from XLS to DOC transformation, it supports a vast array of other file formats, making it a multi-purpose tool.
  • Easy navigation: The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, making the conversion process straightforward even for beginners.

6.2 Cons

  • Requires internet: As an online platform, a stable and reliable internet connection is necessary for the tool to function properly.
  • Pop-up ads: The presence of ads on the interface can be distracting and potentially disruptive during the conversion process.
  • Data privacy: Data privacy might be a concern as it is not explicitly stated how long files are kept after conversion or if they are permanently deleted afterwards.

7. Online2PDF

Online2PDF is a comprehensive file conversion tool, allowing a broad spectrum of file conversions, including XLS to DOC. With this tool, any user can convert files directly via their browser without needing to download or install software. Its relatively straightforward interface ensures simplicity and ease for its users.Online2PDF

7.1 Pros

  • Free online tool: Online2PDF offers its services free of charge and is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Multiple conversions: In addition to Excel to Word conversions, it supports a variety of other file formats, making it versatile for different conversion needs.
  • Clear instructions: The platform’s user interface presents clear instructions, mapping out a clear route from uploading the file to successful conversion.

7.2 Cons

  • Internet dependency: This online tool requires a reliable internet connection to function, which may hinder its use in areas with erratic internet coverage.
  • Presence of ads: Its interface embeds advertisements that might disrupt the user experience during conversion.
  • Limited capabilities: While it handles basic conversions well, advanced users may find that its features and customization options are somewhat limited compared to premium conversion tools.

8. Aspose.Cells Excel Conversion

Aspose.Cells Excel Conversion is an online tool designed for transforming Excel to Word formats effectively. With an aim to retain the essence of the original data while maximizing usability, Aspose.Cells ensures accurate translation of your XLS files into the DOC format.Aspose.Cells Excel Conversion

8.1 Pros

  • Free online tool: Aspose.Cells Excel Conversion is a free tool, enabling users to perform conversions without imposing any cost.
  • Data integrity: This tool is designed to maintain the integrity of original XLS data during conversion, ensuring users receive a faithful reproduction of Excel data in Word format.
  • Highly accessible: As an online platform, it can be accessed from any location, as long as there is a steady internet connection.

8.2 Cons

  • Internet dependency: The reliance on stable internet connectivity may pose a challenge for users in areas with poor or inconsistent network connections.
  • Possible ads: The presence of advertisements, a common characteristic of free tools, may distract users during the conversion process.
  • Limited feature-set: As a free tool, the conversion features may not be as expansive or flexible as those offered by premium, paid conversion software.

9. Filestar*

Filestar* is a widely used conversion application that boasts a wide range of conversion skills, including converting XLS files to DOC format. It is popular for its convenient batch conversion attribute that allows multiple files to be converted simultaneously, saving time and effort.Filestar*

9.1 Pros

  • Batch conversion: Filestar* supports the conversion of multiple files at once, making it a time-saving option when large quantities of files need to be converted.
  • Wide range of conversions: Beyond XLS to DOC, Filestar* supports various other file conversions, making it a versatile tool to have.
  • User-friendly interface: The interface is conducted in a simple, clear manner, making navigation and operation easy for users of all levels of expertise.

9.2 Cons

  • Software installation required: Being a desktop application, Filestar* requires downloading and installation, which might not be as convenient as online tools.
  • Operating system limitation: Currently, Filestar* is only available for Windows OS, which may limit its usability for those on other operating systems.
  • Premium use: While it offers a free trial, full functionality and features of Filestar* requires a paid upgrade.

10. GroupDocs XLS to DOC Converter

GroupDocs XLS to DOC Converter is an online tool that offers fast and accurate conversion services. Its capability to translate Excel spreadsheets to Word documents while preserving the original data layout and formatting makes it a desired tool for professional conversions.GroupDocs XLS to DOC Converter

10.1 Pros

  • Accuracy: GroupDocs delivers high-precision conversions, ensuring all data, including formatting, is accurately transferred from the original Excel file to the Word document.
  • Web-based tool: Accessible online, it offers the convenience of use from anywhere via a device with an internet connection.
  • Easy to use: The conversion process is straightforward, making it user-friendly even for individuals with little tech savvy.

10.2 Cons

  • Internet sensitive: Being internet-based, the efficiency of GroupDocs can be affected by the quality and stability of the user’s internet connection.
  • Not for large files: As with many free online converters, there might be limitations on the file size that can be converted.
  • Basic feature set: While it performs the basic task of XLS to DOC conversion efficiently, GroupDocs may not offer advanced customization options or features.

11. AConvert XLS to DOC

AConvert XLS to DOC is an online tool capable of converting Excel files (XLS) into Word documents (DOC). With a straightforward ‘choose file and convert’ system, AConvert offers a simple process to convert your files. It also provides various other file conversion services, supporting a wide range of formats.AConvert XLS to DOC

11.1 Pros

  • Online tool: AConvert is available online, enabling users to access its conversion services anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Wide variety of conversions: Beyond XLS to DOC, it supports various other file conversions, assuring versatility for different conversion demands.
  • Ease of use: With its simplistic interface design and one-click conversion process, AConvert is quite user-friendly.

11.2 Cons

  • Reliant on Internet: Being a web-based tool, AConvert requires a reliable internet connection for successful conversions.
  • Ad-filled interface: User interface hosts a fair number of ads that can be distracting to some users.
  • Limited functionality: While it handles the fundamental task of conversion, AConvert does not provide advanced options or features that some users may seek in a file conversion tool.

12. Doxillion Spreadsheet Converter Software

Doxillion Spreadsheet Converter Software is a conversion tool designed to handle a variety of transformations, including converting XLS files to DOC format. As a product of NCH Software, it is downloadable as standalone software, allowing users to make conversions offline. Its wide-ranging ability to convert files across different formats makes it versatile for various conversion needs.Doxillion Spreadsheet Converter Software

12.1 Pros

  • Offline operation: With Doxillion, conversions can be carried out without the need for an internet connection. This can be a significant advantage for those in areas with unreliable internet access.
  • Multiformat support: Doxillion supports an extensive array of conversion types, offering flexibility to the user.
  • Batch Conversion: The software is capable of converting multiple files at a time, facilitating efficiency in managing large volumes of files.

12.2 Cons

  • Requires installation: As a desktop software, Doxillion needs to be downloaded and installed on your device, which may be less convenient than online tools for some users.
  • Not free: While a free trial is offered, continued full-featured use requires purchase, making it less economically viable for users looking for free solutions.
  • System requirement: The software may not be supported by all operating systems or may demand specific system requirements for optimal function.

13. Summary

13.1 Overall Comparison Table

Tool Features Ease of Use Price Customer Support
Convertio XLS (EXCEL) to DOC (WORD) Converter Supports various file formats, requires no installation High Free with limitations, premium plans available Available on the website
PDFConvertOnline Supports multiple formats, no installation needed High Free Available on the website
CDKM EXCEL to WORD Supports XLS to DOC conversion, no installation required High Free Undefined
CoolUtils XLS to Doc Online Converter Handles standard conversions, requires no installation High Free Available on the website
OnlineConvertFree Supports various file formats, no installation necessary High Free Available on the website
Online2PDF Supports multiple formats, online tool High Free Available on the website
Aspose.Cells Excel Conversion Performs standard conversions, online tool High Free Available on the website
Filestar* Supports multiple file formats, batch conversion available High Free trial, then paid Available on the website
GroupDocs XLS to DOC Converter Performs standard conversions, online tool High Free Available on the website
AConvert XLS to DOC Supports various file formats, online tool High Free Available on the website
Doxillion Spreadsheet Converter Software Supports multiple file formats, allows batch conversions High Free trial, then paid Available on the website

13.2 Recommended Tool Based on Various Needs

Depending on user specific needs, different tools have different advantages. For users who require batch conversions, Filestar* and Doxillion Spreadsheet Converter Software would be highly useful. Meanwhile, for users looking for a quick, one-time conversion without software installation, Convertio XLS to DOC Converter, PDFConvertOnline, or OnlineConvertFree would be suitable options. Users who prioritize data privacy may consider offline tools like Doxillion Spreadsheet Converter.

14. Conclusion

14.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing an Convert XLS To Word Tool

The market is teeming with XLS to DOC conversion tools, each with its distinct features, strengths, and drawbacks. The choice of a suitable tool is largely dependent on user-specific needs. Some users might prioritize ease of use and prefer straightforward online tools. Cost may be a deciding factor for others, pushing them towards free options. Some might look for advanced features and flexibility, and for them, premium, paid-for solutions may be the best fit.Choosing an Convert XLS To Word Tool

It’s essential to highlight that while online tools offer convenience, they might have limitations, including dependence on a stable internet connection, potential data privacy issues, or capacity limits for free versions.

Ultimately, the objective is to find a tool that provides accurate and high-quality conversions, retains the integrity of your data, fits within your budget, and aligns with your other specific needs. This guide serves as a tool in itself, helping users sift through the multitude of options and draw closer to the ideal XLS to DOC converter for their unique requirements.

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