10 Best Outlook Plugins (2024) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. Introduction

Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive tool that helps millions around the world manage their emails, meetings, contacts, and tasks in one place. Its versatility and user-friendly interface have made it the go-to platform for many businesses and individuals. One feature that sets Outlook apart is its support for add-ins or plugins. These supplemental features can significantly enhance Outlook’s capabilities, enabling users to customize and maximize their email management.

Outlook plugins

With so many plugins available, it can be challenging to determine which ones can genuinely improve your productivity and streamline your operations. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide, to walk you through the best Outlook plugins available to boost your productivity.

The following are some of the best plugins for Outlook that you should consider using. We selected these plugins based on their functionality, ease of use, and overall impact on productivity.

In the subsequent sections, we will give a brief introduction to each plugin, and then delve into the key features they have to offer.

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2. HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in

The HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in is a crucial tool for any sales team using Outlook. This plugin allows users to seamlessly integrate their email communications with the Hubspot CRM system, paving the way for an efficient, smooth sales process.HubSpot Sales Outlook Desktop Add-In

2.1 Features

  • Email tracking: Notifies you when a recipient opens your email, ensuring you know exactly when your message has been read.
  • CRM Integration: Connects directly to the HubSpot CRM system, allowing you to manage all your customer information directly from Outlook).
  • Sales templates: Provides convenient pre-crafted email templates for various sales scenarios, saving you time on writing emails.
  • Meeting scheduling: Allows recipients to book meetings with you directly from the emails you send, streamlining the appointment booking process.
  • Contact insights: Presents vital data about your contacts right in your inbox, helping you understand the recipient before you even compose the email.

3. Boomerang for Outlook

Boomerang for Outlook is a powerful plugin designed to enhance your email productivity with features like email scheduling, reminders, and tracking. It plays a pivotal role in helping you maintain control over your email communication and ensuring you never miss an important email or deadline.Boomerang for Outlook

3.1 Features

  • Email scheduling: Enables you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time or date, ensuring your communication lands in the recipient’s inbox at the perfect time.
  • Follow-up reminders: Sends you reminders for emails that have not received a response, helping you stay on top of your important conversations.
  • Read receipts: Notifies you once your email has been read by the recipient, ensuring you are informed about your emails’ read status.
  • Inbox pause: Allows you to pause new email arrival when you need uninterrupted focus time, aiding in better productivity.
  • Response tracking: Tracks if the email you sent was responded to, ensuring important emails don’t fall through the cracks.

4. Webex Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook

The Webex Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook provides a seamless interface between your Outlook calendar and Webex meetings. With this tool, scheduling, starting, and joining Webex video conferences all from the convenience of your Outlook calendar becomes a breeze.Webex Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook

4.1 Features

  • Meeting scheduling: Allows you to schedule Webex meetings directly from your Outlook calendar, enhancing efficiency in managing your meetings.
  • Email invitations: Automatically sends out email invitations to attendees with a link to the Webex meeting, saving you the hassle of sharing this information manually.
  • One-click Join: Allows you and your invitees to join the Webex meeting straight from the Outlook calendar, providing a convenient and efficient way to access the meeting.
  • Adjust meeting settings: Lets you adjust the settings of your Webex meeting (like password protection, host control, etc.) directly from Outlook, streamlining the scheduling process.
  • Syncs with Webex: Synchronizes with your Webex account, ensuring accurate updates concerning your scheduled meetings.

5. Slack for Outlook

Slack for Outlook add-in brings the convenience and functionality of Slack into your Outlook inbox. It allows you to bring crucial email conversations directly into Slack, enabling more efficient communication and collaboration. With this plugin, you can move discussions from email to team chat effortlessly, ensuring smoother workflow.Slack for Outlook

5.1 Features

  • Email to Slack: Allows you to seamlessly forward emails from Outlook into your preferred Slack channels or direct messages, promoting fluid communication across platforms.
  • Invite via Email: Lets you invite new users to your Slack workspace directly from an email thread in Outlook, facilitating team formation.
  • Respond in Slack: Enables you to respond to key emails via Slack, promoting more immediate, dynamic discussions.
  • Preview feature: Enables you to preview the content of the forwarded message in Slack, helping with preparedness and context before diving into the Slack discussion.
  • One-click process: Allows forwarding of emails to Slack with just one click, improving productivity and ease of use.

6. Kutools for Outlook

Kutools for Outlook is a collection of handy features that simplify email management tasks in Outlook. With its advanced functionalities, users can significantly increase their productivity, save their time, and streamline their workflow. It’s essentially a powerful toolkit that extends the capabilities of Outlook.Kutools for Outlook

6.1 Features

  • Bulk mail sending: Allows you to send multiple emails simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and saving you valuable time.
  • Auto CC/BCC: Automatically adds CC or BCC to your emails based on customizable rules, ensuring correct recipients for every email.
  • Attachments manager: Helps you manage all your email attachments in one place, simplifying the process of sharing and downloading attachments.
  • Email blocker: Blocks unwanted emails based on certain criteria, giving you more control over your inbox.
  • Email template: Provides various pre-set templates for quick and consistent responses, making it easier to manage email communications.
  • Auto forward: Automatically forwards your emails based on predefined rules, enabling seamless communication lines without manual intervention.

7. Asana for Outlook

Asana for Outlook add-in brings the powerful project management features of Asana right to your Outlook interface. It helps turn your emails into actionable tasks that can be tracked and managed systematically. This tool is excellent for teams that rely heavily on email for task assignment and project coordination.Asana for Outlook

7.1 Features

  • Task creation: Enables conversion of emails into tasks on Asana with just a few clicks, helping maintain task workflow.
  • Asana project linkage: Lets you associate emails with Asana projects, aiding in seamless project management.
  • Task details: Allows you to add task details like assignees, deadlines, and tags straight from Outlook, enabling comprehensive task tracking.
  • Task updates: Sends updates of task status, comments, and more right to your Outlook, providing real-time updates.
  • Consolidated view: Presents a consolidated view of your tasks, deadlines, and project progress inside Outlook, enhancing overall visibility and control.

8. Todoist for Outlook

Todoist for Outlook is a plugin designed to make task management efficient and handy right from your inbox. It helps you transform your emails into tasks, so you can work on them at a time of your choosing, ensuring that important work doesn’t slip through the cracks. It’s an ideal solution for those in need of keeping their to-dos aligned with their emails.Todoist for Outlook

8.1 Features

  • Email-to-task conversion: Allows you to convert your emails into tasks, helping prioritize your work based on your schedule.
  • Task scheduling: Enables you to add due dates, labels, priorities, and projects for each task directly from Outlook, ensuring organized task management.
  • Integration: Works seamlessly within Outlook, enabling you to manage your tasks without leaving your inbox.
  • Task reminders: Sends reminders for your scheduled tasks, keeping you on top of your to-do list.
  • Task sharing: Allows you to share tasks with others, promoting team collaboration and seamless work handoffs.

9. Grammarly for Microsoft Office

Grammarly for Microsoft Office is an ultimate tool for anyone seeking to improve their writing standards in their email communications. It is a comprehensive writing assistant that checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, and offers stylistic improvements, all within your Outlook interface, thereby ensuring your emails consistently present the best version of your work.Grammarly for Microsoft Office

9.1 Features

  • Grammar and spelling check: Automatically checks and corrects grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation issues, improving the quality of your writing.
  • Style improvements: Offers vocabulary enhancement suggestions and style changes to make your writing more clear and engaging.
  • Real-time checking: Checks your writing in real-time, ensuring you can correct errors before sending an email.
  • Contextual accuracy: Analyzes the context of your sentences to provide accurate and suitable corrections.
  • Customizability: Lets you customize the types of writing issues you want Grammarly to detect (like formal/informal writing, British/American English, etc.), giving you more control over your writing standards.

10. OutlookSpy

OutlookSpy is the ultimate debugging and development tool for professionals working with Microsoft Outlook. It provides access to a host of hidden features and functionalities that allow users to inspect all the elements and settings of Outlook in real-time, incredibly beneficial for developers and tech-savvy users.OutlookSpy

10.1 Features

  • Property inspection: Lets you browse through all Outlook object properties, making it easier to find particular settings or values.
  • Direct MAPI access: Grants direct access to MAPI functionality for advanced interaction with mail delivery systems.
  • Binary property viewer: Includes a built-in viewer to analyze binary properties of Outlook objects, enhancing the in-depth analysis.
  • Scripting: Allows execution of scripts against Outlook objects, encouraging experimental and developmental operations.
  • Event logging: Offers logging of notification events, assisting in bug detection, and troubleshooting.

11. Trello Add-In For Outlook

The Trello Add-In for Outlook brings the organizational might of Trello to your Outlook interface. It allows you to turn your emails into actionable tasks on a Trello board. It’s a great asset for teams and individuals who use Trello for task and project management, enabling them to seamlessly convert email communication into organized workflows.Trello Add-In for Outlook

11.1 Features

  • Email-to-card conversion: Transforms your emails into Trello cards with just a few clicks, enabling road-mapping of emails.
  • Card details: Lets you set card details – like card description, due date, and members – right from Outlook.
  • Trello board accessibility: Provides access to your Trello boards directly from the add-in.
  • Built-in search function: Lets you search among Trello cards, labels, members, and boards when creating a new card from emails.
  • Recap feature: Shows a recap of your Trello notifications and due cards inside your Outlook.

12. Conclusion

Microsoft Outlook’s richness is significantly enhanced by its support of numerous plugins. Whether it’s improving your productivity, organizing your tasks, managing your meetings, or even enhancing the quality of your writing, there is undoubtedly a plugin that will cater to your needs. These add-ins enable users to personalize their Outlook experience, thereby facilitating efficient workflows and superior email management.

Outlook Plugin 1

The plugins listed above have been carefully selected based on their valuable offerings and impressive performance, capable of enhancing your Outlook use to a great extent. Use the above guide as a starting point to explore these plugins; then, experiment with them to truly grasp the immense potential they bring to your fingertips.

Remember, the best set of tools is the one that suits your unique needs and work style. So, don’t hesitate to experiment until you find the perfect mix of plugins that make your Outlook experience truly your own.

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