What Will Happen If Your Hard Drive Is Full?

Some users think that hard drive becoming full is not a big deal. However, actually, many issues would take place if your hard drive is full. Now, in this article, we’ll list some serious troubles in such a case.

Nowadays, hard drive is widely used in data storage, not matter for computer or simply for data backups. Yet, with more and more data created and stored in the drive, it will definitely become out of space one day eventually. At that time, you’ll encounter a great number of problems in your computer. Now, in the followings, we will expose 5 of the most terrible and obvious ones.What Will Happen If Your Hard Drive Is Full?

1. Error Messages

First of all, the most visualized one is the frequent popup error messages. More specifically, if the full hard drive is the system drive on your computer, generally, you would receive the error – “Low Disk Space” on Windows.

2. Computer Runs Slowly

In addition, you may find that your computer becomes slower. Just imagine it in the following way – you have a box jam-packed with all kinds of stuff, almost each inch of space has been occupied. In this situation, you will find that it’s far harder and longer to find what you are looking for. The same holds true for hard drive. If a hard drive is full, when you attempt to access the drive data, it is more difficult to find data on the hard drive. Thereby, your computer will slow down.

3. System Crash

Apart from strangely slow system, system can freeze or crash from time to time. Computer requires a certain portion of hard disk drive be free for virtual memory. It is used for storing data while RAM clears. Hence, if there isn’t sufficient virtual memory space left to act as an overflow, memory-intensive operations can result in computer freeze and crash.

4. Unable to Install Updates

Moreover, a full hard drive won’t be big enough to meet all of your requirements. For instance, if you would like to update your software, install new programs or reinstall your operating system, you will find that there are not enough spaces to complete such tasks.

5. Data Corruption

Furthermore, sometimes, you may be subject to data corruption. For example, as your computer crashes due to insufficient free space, if some of your files are still opened at that time, the file may become compromised, such as damaged PST.


In order to prevent the above matters, you had better keep enough free space in your hard drive. As for relevant methods, you can refer to my previous article – “7 Effective Tips to Free up More Spaces on Your Hard Drive“.

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