What Will Happen If Hard Drive Firmware Is Corrupted?

As we all know, physical damage is one of the most serious issues on hard drive. This article will look at drive firmware corruption and tell you what will happen in such cases.

What Will Happen If Hard Drive Firmware Is CorruptedIt is always suggested to take good care of a hard drive, such as never dropping or putting it in an extreme environment. The main reason is that hard drive is quite vulnerable to all kinds of factors. Once a hard drive becomes corrupted, it’ll suffer data corruption absolutely, say damaged Outlook data files.

Hard drive can malfunction due to the failure of its components, including drive heads or firmware, etc. So-called drive firmware is the embedded software which is actually written to the drive platters. Hence, it is actually responsible for many major functions of the hard drive, like reading and writing to the drive. Therefore, if the firmware gets corrupted, many problems will take place. Here we’ll expose 6 of them.

1. Drive Shown as “Not Initialized”

Firstly, if you are running your hard drive on a Windows-based computer, you can get access to the “Disk Management” screen. In it, you may find that the hard disk is shown as “Not initialized”. Also, perhaps you will find the drive inaccessible.

2. Drive Clicking Noises

Moreover, you may hear some clicking noises from the hard drive. As usual, users tend to suspect that such noises are from the malfunctioning heads. But, actually, instead of the bad heads, most of times, the culprit may be the corrupted firmware on the hard drive.

3. Drive Runs Slowly

Of course, the hard drive which is suffering firmware corruption will be unable to work as fast as before. It’ll work pretty slowly. Moreover, at worst, the drive will tend to get stuck in “Not Responding” from time to time. Undoubtedly, it is pretty annoying.

4. Drive Not Work Improperly

Aside from working considerably slowly, the hard drive with corrupted firmware will tend to work improperly. For instance, you may discover that your hard drive is not running as normal.

5. Drive Not Recognized

In more serious cases, the hard drive will not be able to be detected by computer. That is to say, for internal hard drive, the computer won’t boot up from it. As for external hard drive, the computer will not recognize it, namely it will not display when you connect it to computer via USB ports.

6. Data Corruption

As mentioned at the very beginning, a firmware is influencing many functions of the hard drive, including accessing data. Besides, it can lead to drive corruption directly. Therefore, at that time, there is likelihood that data on such a hard drive will tend to become compromised.

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