Why SSD Will Get Corrupted More Easily than HDD in Case of Power Failures?

Both solid state drive (SSD) and hard disk drive (HDD) can get damaged in case of power failures, no matter power surge or outage. However, in comparison, SSD can get corrupted much more easily than HDD. Now, this article will tell you why.

Due to better performance of Solid state drive (SSD), it has earned a lot of kudos from both individuals and businesses. Yet, like traditional hard disk drive (HDD), it’s still prone to corruption for various factors, such as power failures. It’s always suggested to take care of our drives, protecting it against suffering sudden power failures since it can cause serious data loss, like corrupt Outlook data, especially for SSD.

Why SSD Will Get Corrupted More Easily than HDD in Case of Power Failures?

Even though SSD can look after itself and its data when it’s powered up and it is nonvolatile, abruptly getting from power-on to power-off status still can put all the chips in the SSD into serious dangers. Moreover, in contrast to HDD, SSD is far more vulnerable to sudden loss of power. Thereinafter, we will look at this issue and expose 3 main reasons to you.

SSD Works Much More Complexly

Solid state drive is able to perform higher read/write intensive activities than the hard disk drive. Also, SSD has many more internal functions which are lacked on a HDD. Actually, in many SSDs, the complexity of the internal data management is similar to that in a traditional RAID system. Therefore, SSD is always much more complex than HDD. Hence, if power suddenly goes down, more things in SSD will go wrongs than in HDD.

SSD Rely More on Power Supply

As we all know, unlike the HDD, which is mechanical and magnetic, SSD is totally made up of electronics. There are far more distributed storage elements in a SSD than a HDD. A SSD can contain thousands of flash chips. All of its components are virtually working depending on the power supply.

More Field Experience about HDD

When it comes to data storage, HDD, undoubtedly, has taken up this industry for much longer time than SSD. Hard drive appears far earlier than solid state drive. Thereby, it refers to that there more researches and experience about HDD than SSD. Also, the hard drive architecture is nearly settled, not changed much. Thus, the power management system in hard drive has been advanced. But, in contrast, SSD architecture is constantly changing and evolving. At the same time, it means that SSD power management system is also changed continuously and deficient. In a nutshell, experience for SSD is still limited. Repairing the SSD that is subject to power failures is also more difficult than HDD.

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  1. power surge recently screwed up my system SSD. fortunately I had cloned it to an HDD and was able to recover. never had this problem when system was on an HDD. Surge wiped out directory and some data but did not seem to physically damage SSD

  2. This is total crap, regurgitation of facts without any depth of explanation. Why are you wasting your time and ours?

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