How to Quickly Sort Numerical Data in Your Word Document

In this article, we are intending to go about the task of how to quickly sort numerical data in Word documents.

As you all know, excel can quickly sort data. However, are you aware of the fact that Word is capable of this task as well? In most cases, you may use Word to deal with text. Still, there can be numbers and tables containing numerical data in your Word document. Then, learning how to sort numerical data in Word comes to your top priority.

In the article below, we will focus on discussing sorting two forms of numerical data in Word document.

Sort Numerical Data in Tables

  1. First, select the column which contains the numerical data you need to sort.
  2. Then click “Layout” in “Table Tools”.
  3. Next, click “Sort” icon.Select the Data ->Click "Layout" ->Click "Sort" Icon
  4. Now the “Sort” window will pop up. Choose the column name from “Sort by” box.
  5. Similarly, choose column name for “Then by” box if necessary.
  6. Choose “Number” for “Type”.
  7. And choose either “Ascending” or “Descending” according to your requirement.
  8. Then click “Header row”.
  9. Finally, click “OK”.Type the Row Name ->Choose "Number" for Type ->Choose "Ascending" or "Descending" ->Choose "Header row" ->Click "OK"

Now you can see the Word has sorted numbers in an ascending way. Meanwhile, the content in the left column also changes accordingly, such as below:Numbers Have Been Sorted in an Ascending Way

Sort Numbers Not in Tables

  1. First you have to operate on the numbers to be sorted. Make sure numbers in each row are arranged in the same way, either in ascending or in descending. Between two numbers you should place a symbol, like comma or simply a blank, etc.
  2. Still select these numbers.
  3. Then click “Home”.
  4. Click “Sort” icon in “Paragraph” group.Select the Numbers ->Click "Home" ->Click "Sort"
  5. Now there should be a “Sort Text” window. Choose correctly from the list-boxes of “Sort by” and “Then by”. By the way, Filed 1 refers to column 1, and field 2 is column 2.
  6. Next choose “Number” for “Type”.
  7. Then choose the sorting order, ascending or descending.
  8. Make sure the “No header row” is checked.
  9. Click “OK”.Choose "Field" ->Choose "Type" ->Choose "Ascending or Descending" ->Choose 'No header row" ->Click "OK"Numbers Displayed in a Descending Way

Now you see Word is totally comfortable with processing numerical data. What’s more, Word is able to sort numbers either in tables or not. Needless to say, this feature can satisfy some of your simply operations on numbers in Word documents.

Look out for Word File Corruption

Word is capable of dealing with both texts and numerical data. Even so, it’s not advisable to risk getting your Word document damaged by frequently processing numbers in Word.

The reason we say so is because once your file is lost, the situation can be quite serious, and the built-in function in Word is, to be honest, not that useful. Then you probably need resort to some third-party tools to recover Word, which can cost time and effort. In a word, you should look out for the data loss at the very first place.

Author Introduction:

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