How to Quickly Merge Multiple Lines into One in Your Word Documents

In this article, we’ll mainly describe on how to merge your multiple lines into a single line in a convenient way.

A Real Case

As a poet, Sophie usually writes very long poems with many lines. However, it requires much more paper to print them. Therefore, she wonders whether she can merge all lines into one to save paper.

The SolutionMerge Multiple Lines into One

If you encounter a problem similar to Sophie’s, then you can follow the steps to solve it.

  1. To begin with, open your file in Word and select all lines you want to merge, as bellowed.Select Multiple Lines
  2. Then click “Replace” under the “Home” tab.Click "Replace" in "Home" tab
  3. In the popup “Find and Replace” dialog box, under the “Find” tab, input “^p” in the “Find What” field.
  4. In addition, you need click “Current Selection” in “Find In” drop down list like bellowed picture, to perform the replacement in the selection only.Enter "^p" in "Find What " Box
  5. Alternatively, you can also use shortcut “Ctrl” + “H” to open the dialog box.
  6. Click the “Replace” tab, then keep the “Replace with” field empty, as you need to replace the ^p with empty text.
  7. Finally, click “Replace All” button to perform the replace operation.Click "Replace All"
  8. You will find immediately that all the lines in your selection have been merged into one.The Effect of Merging

Fix Your Word Files

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