How to Quick Send a Notification Email to Those Haven’t Voted in Your Outlook

After sending an email with voting buttons, you’ll receive the voting responses from the recipients. Yet, at times, there may be some recipients who haven’t voted. In this case, you may hope to send a notification mail to them. This article will assist you to get it in quick time.

Outlook allows users to send an email with voting buttons. If you’ve sent such an email to many recipients, you’ll surely hope to get their voting responses as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if you discover that some recipients still have not voted after some days, you may wish to send a notification email to them. In this case, it demands you to extract the recipients manually by standard means, which is a bit troublesome. Now, in the followings, we’ll introduce another handier way to you.

Send a Notification Email to Those Haven’t Voted

  1. At the very outset, tap on “Alt + F11” to trigger Outlook VBA editor.
  2. Then, copy and paste the following code into an unused module.
Sub SendNotification_ThoseNotVoted()
    Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem
    Dim objRecipient As Outlook.Recipient
    Dim objNotification As Outlook.MailItem
    Select Case Application.ActiveWindow.Class
           Case olInspector
                Set objMail = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
           Case olExplorer
                Set objMail = ActiveExplorer.Selection(1)
    End Select
    'Create a notification email
    Set objNotification = Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
    'Add those who haven't voted to the notification email as recipients
    For Each objRecipient In objMail.Recipients
        If objRecipient.TrackingStatus = olTrackingNone Then
           objNotification.Recipients.Add objRecipient.Address
           If objRecipient.AutoResponse = "" Then
              objNotification.Recipients.Add objRecipient.Address
           End If
        End If
    'Set the notification email details
    With objNotification
         .Subject = "Please Vote!!!"
         .Body = "Please vote as soon as possible!!"
         .Attachments.Add objMail
         '.Send ==> To directly send out
    End With
End Sub

VBA Code - Send a Notification Email to Those Haven't Voted

  1. After that, for later convenience, add this macro to Quick Access Toolbar with reference to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook“.
  2. Eventually, take the operations below to run this macro.
  • First off, select or open the original email with voting buttons.
  • Then, click the macro button in Quick Access Toolbar.Click Macro Button in Quick Access Toolbar
  • At once, a new email will display, like the screenshot below. It’s included the original recipients who haven’t voted in the “To” field. And its subject and body have been set as per the predefined values in the code.Notification Email

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