Why Not Utilize Bookmarks to Quickly Jump to a Specific Location in Outlook Messages?

Same as MS Word, Outlook also comes loaded with bookmark feature. Via utilizing bookmarks, we can quickly skip to the specific location in the messages without needs to scroll through large blocks of text.

No matter in my drafts, received emails or sent emails, I always prefer to add bookmarks, such that I can quickly locate my desired places. Of course, to those received and sent emails, I should set the message in edit mode at first and then can add the bookmarks. Here are some tips pertaining to the bookmarks in Outlook messages.

Add Bookmarks in Outlook Messages

  1. At the very outset, you need to create a new email by click “New Email” button in Home ribbon.
  2. In the message window, you can fill in the message body. And put the cursor at the place where you would like to add a bookmark.
  3. Then switch from “Message” tab to “Insert” tab, under which you should locate the “Bookmark” button in the group of “Links”.Bookmark Button
  4. In the popup dialog box, you should specify a name to this bookmark. After naming it, click “Add” button, which will close the dialog automatically.Add Bookmarks

Use the Bookmarks to Jump to a Specific Location in Outlook Messages

  1. To use the Bookmark, still in the message window, you should go to “Insert” tab and click “Bookmark” button.
  2. Then in the dialog box of “Bookmark”, you can select the target bookmark and click “Go to” button.Use the Bookmarks to Jump to a Specific Place in Outlook Messages
  3. Eventually, the dialog will close and the cursor will jump to the position where the selected bookmark is located.

Link the Selected Texts to a Specific Bookmark

Apart from using bookmark via clicking “Go to” button, you could also link the selected texts to a specific bookmark, which look like a clickable index in Outlook messages. By this means, when you click on the selected texts, you can quickly go to the specified bookmark position.

  1. In the first place, you should select the text or other objects in the current message body.
  2. Then right click it and choose “Hyperlink” from the context menu.Insert Hyperlink
  3. In the following window of “Insert Hyperlink”, you should click “Place in This document” in “Link to” list at the left side.
  4. Next in the center pane of “Select a place in this document”, you should pitch on one bookmark under the “Bookmarks”.Link to Place in This Ducment
  5. Finally click “OK” to link the texts to the bookmark successfully and back to the message. When the cursor is put on the selected text, a tooltip will show up.Ctrl + Click to follow link

You can have a try. When you press “Ctrl” and click the text, you will skip to the bookmark.Skip to the Bookmark Location

What to Do in Case of Severe Outlook Crashes

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