What Does It Mean If Hard Drive Spins Very Fast and Loudly?

In normal situations, when computer works, its hard drive will spin continuously at a standard speed. If you find your hard drive spinning unusually fast and loudly, you may feel strange and worried. This article will discuss about this case in detail.

As we all know, hard disk drive will spin in data read/write. Generally speaking, during working, the common hard drive spins constantly at 7200 revolutions per minute (PRM) or so in a computer. And it will only stop after a certain period of disuse. Under normal circumstances, this process will not make loud noises. But, in reality, many users have complained, all of a sudden, their hard drives spin far faster, companied with louder sounds than before. In face of such cases, you may be panic, such as fearing suffering PST corruption. So, in the following, we’ll tell you several possible causes of such situations.

What Does It Mean If Hard Drive Spins Very Fast and Loudly?

At the Best

To be honest, it is a bit difficult to distinguish between the normal sounds and the noises of failed hard drive. Hence, if a hard drive spins fast and loudly, there are chances that the drive is being overworked or virus-infected.

1. Access Too Large Program or Files

Since the PC system only has a small amount of actual memory for caching. If the memory runs out, it will read other information directly from the drive. So, every time you launch a program, read or write a file, disk will move heads to the right position, which will lead to noises. Based on this principle, if you access too large apps or files, the noises will be louder.

2. Too Many Background Tasks Are Working

Moreover, computer may perform multiple tasks in the background, such as the system updates, anti-virus scans and shuffling files in RAM. All of them will make use of hard drive, too. In this situation, you may find drive spinning too rapidly and loudly.

3. Viruses Attacked the Drive

In addition, virus can make bad impacts on the hard drive’s performance. Hence, if a hard drive is attacked by viruses or malware, the drive may malfunction in a lot of respects, including strange spinning.

At the Worst

Nevertheless, it is also likely that your hard drive is virtually subject to the things that are much worse than what you think, such as the follows.

1. Drive Wear and Tear

Assuming that you’ve used the hard drive for decades, chances are that the disk has been too old indeed. Most of its components are worn out, like the spindling bearings, heads and so on. Thereby, hard drive works very hard, namely spinning very fast and loudly.

2. Drive Is Damaged Physically

If you have not utilized the drive for too long time, this issue may be in that you have ever damaged this drive physically, such as unintentionally dropping it, etc. In this case, what you can do is to back up the drive data as soon as possible and replace it.

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