Is DataNumen Exchange Recovery Worth Your Money?

This post shares the benefits of using DataNumen Exchange recovery tool to restore your lost emails and keep important communication in your business ongoing.

Is DataNumen Exchange Recovery Worth Your Money

Email messaging is one of the popular ways people communicate for business purposes. Companies use email marketing to pitch to new clients. Also, professionals share important information such as project details and crucial communications via email.

Reasons for Choosing DataNumen Exchange Recovery Tool

If your business uses MS Outlook as a mailing service, the Microsoft Exchange server stores a copy of every message shared on the platform as a .ost file.  Unfortunately, these servers can crash because of disasters or malware attacks. In such a scenario, you need to salvage your data before it’s lost. DataNumen Exchange Recovery is one of the best tools that can help you recover your OST files and here is why:

DataNumen Exchange Recovery

When data is lost, the priority is to recover as much information as possible within the shortest time possible. The next concern is to recover the properties of the data that make interpretation easy. These features make data relevant to its original intended use. Customers are interested in recovering email messages and associated features and objects.

The good news is that the DataNumen Exchange Recovery software has been tested and found that it has an average recovery rate of 96.78%. This is the best score from tests done on the top 10 MS Exchange recovery tools. Other competitor products score poorly in this category. This means that the DataNumen Exchange Recovery tool is your best bet to recover most of your files.

It also supports the conversion of recovered OST to PST files. This means that you are able to reconstruct normal email files within a very short time.  PST files are easy to access on Outlook and therefore this can be a good intervention to restore communication between businesses and their clients after a disaster.

Another advantage that comes with the DataNumen Exchange Recovery software is that it can recover large OST files of up to 16777216 TB. You can also split these large files during recovery and save the split blocks separately. You won’t get these functions with most competitor tools.  The ability to scan and process large files quickly allows you to recover huge chunks of data within a short time. This is critical when working with large projects with tight deadlines.

If by any chance files have been deleted on the Exchange Server, this tool can recover them. This is great news, especially if you are interested in computer forensics. If anyone deletes important messages to conceal illegal dealings in a company, this information can be obtained thanks to the DataNumen Exchange Recovery application.

If you are looking for a tool that enhances your efficiency, then this software is a natural fit for anyone interested in the batch recovery of their corrupt OST files. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can select the files you want to process with ease.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use OST recovery tool that can handle both small and large files, then DataNumen Exchange Recovery tool is your best bet. This tool not only gives value for money but also helps you delight your clients by meeting their timelines.

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