Why Not Improve Your Performance by Making Frequently Used Contacts Stand Out

When we open address book, Global Address List will display firstly. We need find our desired contacts manually. Here is a guide to change it.

We have known that address book plays an important role when attempting to search out contacts by clicking “To” button. In fact, so-called “Address Book” is equal to contacts folder. As long as we tick a certain checkbox in the properties of the contacts folder, it will be an address book.

If you are familiar with “To” button, you may have seen “Global Address List”. It refers to the main contact folder – Contacts. Outlook Address Book starts with the “Global Address List” as default. That is to say, every time we click “To” button, which will be shown to us at first is “Global Address List”. I am tired of seeing Contacts every time. I dislike seeking my frequently used address book from a long drop-down list. Hence I would like my frequently used address book to show up in the first place, reducing my repeating work. Therefore, I asked some suggestions from my friends who have utilized Outlook for many years. Finally I pick out a best approach to share with you.

Guide to Make Frequently Used Contacts Stand Out Firstly

  1. To start with, we should make full use of our keyboard – press “Shift + Ctrl +B” in the meantime. Immediately a window of “Address Book” will turn up. In this step, it’s useless to click “To” button in “Message” window, because of no tab bar in the “address book” through “To” button.
  2. Then in this “Address Book”, we should click “Tools” tab and select “Options”.Address Book Options
  3. It will turn to “Addressing” window, in which we can see the default setting of address list order – start with Global Address List. Thus we could tick the checkbox next to “Custom”.Addressing
  4. After ticking it, the following box which was grayed out just now will display. We can change the list order by clicking the up and down buttons.
  5. Besides, we can directly change the first shown address list. Click the arrow button in the field of “When opening the address book, show this address list first” at the bottom. Select the specific address book and click “OK” to save it.Choosing frequently used contacts list

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