How to Display the Remaining Days of Your Outlook Tasks

Outlook shows due date in Task list as default. You can also show the certain number of remaining days before the due date via the method introduced in this article.

In To-Do list, we can check the due date of every task. To a certain extent, it can remind us to complete the tasks as soon as possible. But actually there is a more direct approach. That is to show the certain number of remaining days before the due date. Here are the concrete steps.

Customize a Column of “Remaining Days” in Tasks View

  1. For a start, switch to “Tasks” pane in Outlook.
  2. Head to “View” tab and click “Change View” to ensure that the current view is “List” view alike. If not, please change it.List View in Outlook Tasks
  3. Then click “View Settings” button.
  4. In the new popup dialog box, click “Columns” button.
  5. Another dialog box will show up, in which you need to press “New column” button in center.Create a New Column
  6. Next assign a name to this new column, such as “Remaining Days”.
  7. As for the column type, you need to select “Formula” from the dropdown list.
  8. In “Formula” field, you can directly copy and paste DateDiff(‘d’,Date(),[Due Date]). Or you can click “Edit” to show a bigger editor and enter this formula.Specify Formula of Remaining Days Column
  9. And click “OK” to save this new column and back to the previous screen. You can see the new column has been added in the right box. In addition, you can utilize “Move Up” and “Move Down” button to change the order of shown columns. I prefer to position “Remaining Days” next to “Due Date”.Change the Order of Columns
  10. Finally click a series of “OK” to return to “Tasks” home page.

After finishing the above steps, remaining days of tasks to be completed will be shown absolutely. Besides, you can see the days past of overdue tasks, which is usually shown in negative number. If you are averse to see it, you can apply the following formula to change it to positive number.Remaining Days Column

Show Days Past of Overdue Tasks in Positive Number

  1. Repeat the first 4 steps introduced in the above method.
  2. In the dialog box of “Show Columns”, click on “Remaining Days” column in the right side and press “Remove” button in center.Change Properties of Remaining Days Column
  3. Next click “Properties” button at the bottom of left side.
  4. You can change the formula to Abs(DateDiff(‘d’,Date(),[Due Date])). Click “OK” to save the changes.Edit the Fomula
  5. Press “Add” button to add it to column list.
  6. Finally click several “OK” to back to Task home page, where you can see the negative number has become a positive number.Show Days Past of Overdue Tasks in Positive Number

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