How to NOT Auto Mark Email as Read until Flagging or Color Categorizing It in Outlook

Some users would like to not auto mark the new incoming emails as read until they flag or categorize them by color in their Outlook. So in this article, we will teach a method to get it in quick time via Outlook VBA. Outlook has a native feature for auto marking emails as read depending on the concrete seconds of your viewing the emails in the reading pane or based on the changes of email selection. It’s indeed helpful. Nevertheless, some users still want another choice – keeping emails...

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2 Ways to Show Navigation Pane in One Specific Word Document Only

In this post, our aim is to provide you with 2 ways to show the navigation pane in one specific Word document only. For those who use the navigation pane a lot, you must have noticed that it stays for all the documents opened in the future once it’s triggered. Thus, to close it, you would have to manually click the “Close” button. This global feature can be annoying sometime especially when we just want it open for one specific document only. To address this issue, we need the help...

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2 Methods to Center All Pictures and Text Boxes in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to introduce you with 2 methods to center all pictures and text boxes in your Word document. Pictures and shapes, such as text boxes, play vital important in making a wonderful document. With a growing number of images and shapes being inserted, the demand to integrate their formatting, say to center them starts to surface. What you should know is that all pictures inserted into document is set in “In line with text” layout, while text boxes are flowing...

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