How to Improve SQL Server Database Performance Globally

Microsoft's SQL Server is a DBA friendly product. Nevertheless, at certain times it might not be fast enough which will result in customer escalations. In such situations "Performance Tuning" is the only solution but many DBA's are neither aware of it nor know where to start. In this article, we will learn how to improve database performance at a global level. Performance improvement Any experienced DBA would have the ability to solve an issue and identify the root cause that affected the...

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How to Auto Move the Incoming Emails with Specific Hyperlinks to Junk E-mail Folder

If you would like to auto move the incoming emails with specific hyperlinks in the message body to the Junk E-mail folder in your Outlook, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. Sometimes, Outlook Junk email filter will mistakenly marks the genuine emails as junks. Thus, you may prefer to set the level of your Outlook junk email protection to low. However, in this case, many junk emails may not be recognized by Outlook junk email filter, such the emails with risky hyperlinks....

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How to Auto Change the Body Format of Incoming Emails via Outlook VBA

If you are accustomed to viewing emails in a specific format, you can use the means introduced in this article. It will teach you how to use VBA to automatically change the body format of incoming emails. As we know, if you reply or format an email, the replying or forwarding email will automatically use the body format of the original email. Perhaps its format is not suitable for your case. For instance, if the original email is in Plain Text format, in your replying email, by default, you...

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