How to Export Your Access Report to a PDF File via VBA

Learn how you can create a VBA function that will allow you to save your Access Report as PDF with just a click of a button. No need to go to the Access Ribbon every time! Access Reports can be manually saved as PDF file. All you have to do is: Open the report. Go to the Access Ribbon: External Data > PDF or XPS. Select the filename and folder path where you would like it to be saved. Click Publish and you’re done. Easy, right? However, if there is a need for you to...

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How to Let Outlook Auto Read out the Subject & Sender of Each Incoming Email

If you hope that Outlook can automatically read out the email subject and sender information as a new email arrives in your mailbox, you can use the way introduced in this article. It will combine a rule and a script to realize this easily. As usual, when a new email arrives, you will hear a default alert sound. But most of time, what you want is more than such a sound. You may wish that Outlook can read out the new email’s subject as well as sender, such that you can quickly get basic...

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6 Effective Ways to Batch Rotate Multiple Images in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to lay emphasis on showing you effective ways to batch rotate multiple images in your Word document. Besides its excellent ability to deal with words, Word is capable of processing images, too. For example, you can manipulate one image a time via picture tools available in the ribbon. As you know, the built-in function can perfectly satisfy your demand to rotate a single image. Our tips today will enable you to batch rotate multiple images to the same...

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