How to Batch Accept or Reject All Changes in Multiple Word Documents

In this post, we will focus on showing you the way to batch accept or reject all changes in multiple Word documents at the same time. It’s easy to accept or reject all changes in one Word document. You just need to click “Review” tab, then click the drop-down button on “Accept” or “Reject” command. Next choose "Accept All Changes in Document" or "Reject All Changes in Document". Then what if there are multiple documents with changes you want to accept or reject in batch? To...

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How to Batch Insert Multiple Pictures to Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to offer you the way to batch insert multiple pictures to your Word document. You can feel comfortable while working with pictures in Word. Once you insert a picture into document, you may have to manually resize it or enter its name around. How about use a macro to automatically perform the task? The macro we are going to present you is capable of following functions: Firstly, it inserts exact number of pictures you specify in each page. Secondly,...

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2 Methods to View All Embedded Animated Gif Images of an Outlook Email in Animated Form

By default, the animated gif images embedded in the Outlook email are static, not animated. If you want to view them in animated form, you can utilize either of the following 2 means. To embed animated gif images into email body, you can simply make use of “Insert Picture” feature in Outlook. However, you will discover that these embedded gif images are inactive, not animated. The same holds true for incoming emails. When you receive such an email that contains multiple gif images in...

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