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3 Ways to Prevent You from Accidentally Switching to Overtype Mode in Word

In this post, we will show you 3 ways to prevent you from accidentally switching to Overtype mode in Word. Now and then, while typing in a Word document, you suddenly find newly entered texts are replacing the original ones. This happens most when you hit the “Insert” key by accident, which controls the “Overtype” mode by default. Generally, there are 3 ways for you to toggle between “Insert” and “Overtype” mode. First, press “Insert” key again to switch back to...

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2 Quick Methods to Batch Add Square Brackets to Note Numbers in Your Word Document

In today’s post, we are glad to show you 2 quick methods to batch add square brackets to note numbers in your Word document. Whenever drafting a long document, we are likely to insert footnotes and endnotes. We know there are options for the mote number format. However, there is no built-in number style with square brackets. What we will discuss in the coming texts are the 2 solutions to address such an issue. Method 1: Utilize the “Find and Replace” Function To begin with, click...

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2 Easy Ways to Save a Selection in Your Word Document as a PDF File

In today’s post, we are glad to show you 2 easy ways to save a selection in your Word document as a PDF file. Now and then, we are likely to save a final document as PDF file to prevent it from accidental change. There are also cases where just a part of document needs to be saved in PDF file. Luckily, there are ways out already. Read on to see what you can find. Method 1: Use the “Save As” Command First there is the built-in command which can achieve the expected result. At...

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