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How to Quickly Take a Screenshot and Clip it via Your Excel

Screenshot is a very practical feature in Excel. Here we will demonstrate how to take a screenshot and clip it in your Excel worksheet. Sometimes you will take a screenshot of other application and then insert the image into the Excel worksheet that you are working with. You will probably use the print screen feature in your computer or third party screenshot tool. When you finish the screenshot, you will insert the image into this Excel worksheet. Although this is the most common way, it is...

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How to Find Invisible Hyperlinks in Your Excel Worksheet via VBA

Invisible hyperlinks will sometimes cause trouble to you. And in this article, we will use VBA to find invisible hyperlinks in your Excel worksheet. In this image below, you can see that all the cells have the same format. But there exist some invisible hyperlinks among those cells. When you need to select a cell, you will certainly use your mouse and click it. But if the cell contains an invisible hyperlink, the computer will immediately launch the browser and open the hyperlink. This is...

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How to Search for Values via HLOOKUP or VLOOKUP Functions in Your Excel Worksheet

We will introduce HLOOKUP function which will return the cell value in a column whose column header matches a specific criterion. We will also compare it with VLOOKUP, another similar function but searching vertically. HLOOKUP function is a seldom mentioned Excel function. Actually this function is a variant of the standard LOOKUP function, and “H” means horizontal. Given a range of tabular data, the function will search in the top row with the specific criterion, and return the value...

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