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How to Fix Dates in Your Excel Worksheet with VBA

How often do we get dates in spreadsheets supplied to us as 12.26.2016, or 26/12/2016 (UK format), only to be told the date is invalid or there's no month 26? This article explores fixing dates with VBA, using TRIM, LEFT, RIGHT and MID functions. The article assumes the reader has the Developer ribbon displayed and is familiar with the VBA Editor. If not, please Google "Excel Developer Tab" or "Excel Code Window". The xlsm in this exercise can be downloaded here. Not Our Problem! The...

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8 Common Formula Errors in Excel

Excel formulas in Excel is able to help you finish some rather complex tasks. But you will certainly meet with formula errors in Excel. In this article, we will show you the 8 formula errors in Excel. There are many reasons that will cause formula errors in Excel. For example, you are not familiar with the rule of a certain function, or there is something wrong with the referred cells. In the following parts, we will demonstrate the 8 formula errors with some examples. 1.   ...

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How to Easily Create a Step Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Among all of the charts in Excel, the step chart in Excel can clearly show the data changes. In this post, let’s see how to create this kind of chart. A step chart in Excel has a wide range of use. In an ordinary line chart, you can only know the trend of data. But in the step chart, you can know the detailed changes of the numbers. Below we will show you how to create such a chart. Arrange the Range Now we will use this sample to create a step chart. Rearrange the range in the...

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