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How to Auto Take the First Line of Body as Subject before Sending an Outlook Email without Subject

Some users wish Outlook to auto take the first line of the email body as the subject when sending an email which has no subject. Now, in this article, we will introduce a method to realize it via VBA code. Multiple users frequently forget to input subject when composing and sending an email. Thus, usually, they hope that Outlook can automatically fill the subject by the first line of the email body if the outgoing email has no subject. Thereinafter, we will share an easy and handy method...

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A Quick Insight into Physical Shock Damage on Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

As we all know, hard disk drive (HDD) can be corrupted for miscellaneous reasons, such as virus infect, shock damage or electricity failures, etc. This post will lead you to learn more about physical shock damage on HDD. Hard disk drive is vulnerable due to its mechanical and moving components. So, in order to avoid data loss on hard drive, you should protect your drive against all possible risks to your utmost. One of the most common physical damage is shock damage. Therefore, in the...

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