Data Recovery

How to Repair a Corrupted TAR Archive and Access the Files Within

If you use Linux and you want to archive your files, you usually create a TAR file. A TAR file is an archive file that allows you to save several files in just one file. Unfortunately, TAR files can be corrupted but we can show you how you can quickly fix that. Linux users use TAR files, which is short for Tap Archive, to save multiple files. A file that is marked with the TAR extension is one that is in the Consolidated Unix Archive. TAR files are commonly recognized archive...

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How to Solve “Drawing File Is Not Valid” Error in AutoCAD

A common error message that AutoCAD users see is the message that a “Drawing file is not valid”. This can occur when you are trying to open a file. We discuss the possible reasons for this error and what to do about it. AutoCAD is one of the most popular computer-aided drawing programs out there, used by architects and engineers to create and share blueprints and technical drawings. AutoCAD files contain vital data that are needed in construction projects as well as the creation...

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4 Potential Data Loss Scenarios and How to Fix Them

One of the most common results from computing errors is data loss. Quick action to identify the problem and apply the correct data recovery solution can help you avoid catastrophic data loss. Here are some common data loss scenarios and the appropriate data recovery actions to take. Data loss incidents can be stressful. The thought of being unable to access important files and folders makes many a computer user’s blood run cold. Depending on the reason behind the data loss...

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